Here's a link to the "news" from Brian Joubert's official website. Granted, it's not exactly news, as it's dated May/June and earlier, but it contains some interesting comments on what happened at Worlds. Brian was definitely in a good position to medal, if not to win the title, and he bombed on his long program. The write-up (to me) seems to be quite forthcoming and candid. I guess even the best skaters have an off day, and that appears to be what happened to Brian Joubert.

Frankly, I thought Joubert had a good chance of being the next multiple World champion, as he has the quads, the triples, and the "look" of a champion. But it hasn't materialized as yet.

On the other hand, I wish he would stop trying to be a carbon copy of Alexi Yagudin with his rapid-fire footwork. What works for Yagudin seems like a stale imitation for Joubert, in my opinion.