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Thread: Computer questions

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    Computer questions

    I have 2 basic computer questions:

    I only have about 800MB left on my computer. Is it possible to extend the memory by buying a larger memory? Or is that pretty expensive?

    I would like to buy a cd burner. Do you think I have enough memory to install one? If yes, how do I do it. Will there be a cord attached that I will stick to the back of my computer? Or how does it work?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Miss B,

    You're experiencing two different problems. If you are reading that you have a small amount of memory, remember there are two kinds of "memory". What you are talking about is the "hard drive"...that device that holds all the programs, the operation system (Win 98, XP, Apple, etc). You can usually buy a larger hard drive and install it if you're computer can handle it. If you choose this option, move most of the "archive files" (files such as pictures, movies, text files, spreadsheets, etc) to the new drive to free up space on the old one. This option is also available by buying an "external hard drive" which is exactly what it sounds like, a large storage drive that can hold an addtional operating system and extra files. It connects through a "USB wire and port", that's a slim headed plug that fits into a slot on the computer.

    You need to deal with the other kind of "memory" the "RAM" or "Random Access Memory" , these are small strips of electronic connectors that fit inside the computer. It will allow your computer to optimize its performance by increasing its "horsepower." This will also allow you to add a CD-writer. Once again, it may be more cost effective to buy an external device by the time you factor needing to have the device installed. Some stores offer free or lower price installation if you buy the device from them. Beware, however, that many of the big box retailers may charge as much as a 40$ "bench" charge just to open up the box.

    Increasing the RAM by adding "SIMMS" of ram is fairly easy to do. You can find step by step instructions by google-ing "Instructions for instaling RAM". Hope this helps.

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    sk8m8 is correct about there being 2 types of memory. It does sound like you are out of hard drive space as opposed to "RAM".

    If you are not comfortable with opening up your PC to upgrade the components or don't have a PC hardware savvy friend to help you, then an external harddrive is easier than adding an internal harddrive.

    But before you buy anything, be sure it is compatible with your existing system. If you have a fairly new system (say < 4 years old) running Windows XP you should be okay. Older machines may not have USB ports and older versions of Windows may not support external harddrives, etc.... A CD burner also has minimum PC requirements that should be listed on the retail box so check it all out first.

    If your system is really old and not letting you do things you want (eg. burning CDs or DVDs), it may be better to just buy a new system as they can be quite inexpensive ($500 and up) now depending on configuration and what you use your PC for. Check a few of the websites out such as dell, ibm, hp, etc... for general use PCs toget a feel for prices and compare to the upgrade path.

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