Actually, a lot of the ladies all went to the NCAA to compete there. I know Courtney Kupets, Tasha Schwiekert, Terin Humphrey, and a few of the other girls who were up there but didn't make the team are all competing for various colleges this coming year. I think they were all around the same age (seniors in high school last year) so the NCAAs should be pretty darn fantastic this year with all those girls! I hope that CBS continues to show the NCAA gymnastics in the early spring as they've done the last few years because that should be awesome. As far as the guys go, IIRC, only Blaine Wilson retired from competition. Jason Gatson, Raj Bavshar, and Brett McClure were all scheduled to compete but had to withdraw due to injuries. The Hamms are focusing on school for a while and I haven't heard anything about Guard Young. So a few of the US guys are still competing, they just couldn't compete at Nats this year. :sheesh:

And I think Nastia is such a beautiful gymnast. I think she's only going to get better with a little time too. Hopefully she makes it to Beijing and does some wonderful things there.

For anyone interested, they are showing the Men's competition from Nats tomorrow afternoon from 1-2:30 PM EST. I'm looking forward to seeing this new generation of guys and the stuff that they can do!