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    Post Rodnina Note (translated)

    Original (Go there even if you don't speak Russian just for the picture). Just tabloid stuff, but still.

    How Rodnina was carried around

    The best hotels and resorts of greater Moscow are located in the Odincevo region. There is here a hotel where the Bezrukovs often come to relax, and Lajma Vajkule brings in the New Year.

    Recently, on a prestine beach of the "Sun meadow" resort, among the tanned tipsy corwd, one noticed the legend of the Soviet sport, the many-time Olympic champion of figure skating Irina Rodnina.

    The athlete wwas a special guest of the "100+1" corporation.

    The tents were set up along the tiny river; there, guests could get alcoholic coctails and grilled meat. Irina Konstantinovna drank to the organizers' hearlth, and then decided to go for a swim in the chilly water of the shallow reservoir. "Can I carry you?" asked a shaved guy in long shorts, whose body was adorned with countless tatoos. After thinking a bit, Irina Rodnina agreed, without even asking the young man's name. "It's an advanture!", laughed the athlete. It seemed she surprised herself.

    Yet the most fascinating part was yet to come. Irina Konstantinovna was invited to take a ride... on a hot air balloon! Rodnina was delighted like a kid when the balloon raised into the air, and even more so when it safely returned to earth.

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    Sabina DADASHEVA

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    He looks like Mr. Clean.

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    Rodnina looks so pretty and content and happy. Hope she is still like that.


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    I think Irina looks terrific! Happy, slim, and still in good shape. Thanks for sharing the photo and article.

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