As much as I love Orlando Bloom's voice, and his character Will Turner, he's nothing special. YET.

DiCaprio has his moments; his best is Gangs of New York and What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

One guy I can't get into is Stuart Townsend. He ruined Lestat.

As much as I love Aaliyah's beautiful singing (I love her ballads mostly), she had an overhyped but far too short acting career. Given more time she could have been great.

Agreed with Cruise and Duff. UGH. The only thing I liked Cruise in is Int. w/ Vampire.

Speaking of, I'm sick of Kirsten Dunst as of late. Again, brilliant in Interview, but quite shabby everywhere else.

Colin Ferrell, Ben Affleck, both great in Daredevil, but not as great everywhere else. Not one for Matt Damon either.

Christina Aguilara, Britney Spears.

Brad Pitt was perfect in Interview With The Vampire, but I wish it were a bit more true to the book.