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Thread: August issue of International Figure Skating magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by lulu
    I was wondering how IFS, Spotlight On Skating or any skating magazine choses who to interview?
    I enjoy reading skating magazines; and esp. reading the interviews.
    Of course, like all fans-I especially like it when they have interviews/articles (even small ones-LOL) on my favorite skaters.
    Of course, I realize that there are so many skaters out there; and some of them might be busy.
    Good question, lulu. It's probably a bit different for each magazine, but I think all magazines respond when they get the idea - either through mail or email - that a certain skater warrants more coverage. Sometimes the magazine will contact the writers with specific skaters they want covered, sometimes writers 'pitch' story ideas to the editorial staff. Publishers in many cases have the final say in terms of who goes on the cover.
    Of course, if you're a leading American lady skater it's pretty easy to get coverage.
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