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Thread: Yo, U Skata!

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    Freddy the Pig 2

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    Yo, U Skata!

    Yo, gangstas! If y'all recognized the title of this thread as an anagram of <strong>YUKA SATO</strong> then you are ready for the next skating word puzzle. In the story below each phrase in <strong>BOLD</strong> is an anagram of the name of one of my favorite skaters, with one extra letter.

    Here is an example to get you started.

    When the two-bit hood Mugsy died, the mob was taken over by his son, Mugsy Junior. Along with his goon Henry and his moll Teresa, they became greatly feared as the underworld triumvirate, <strong>MUGSY II, HANK, TRACI.</strong>

    This is an anagram for <strong>KRISTI YAMAGUCHI</strong> with an extra N left over.

    I figured I'd better get out of town quick. At the airport gift shop there were some little dolls on sale that supposedly represented famous figure skaters. I was going to buy myself a little Lipinski doll, my favorite skater, but it didn't look anything like her and was actually quite unattractive. I thought, "<strong>MINI TARA'S ICKY -- UGH</strong>."

    This is an anagram for <strong>KRISTI YAMAGUCHI</strong> with an extra N.

    But the funniest thing that I saw on the way to the airport was seven-foot-five basketball phenom Yau Ming, who had just signed a multimillion dollar contract with the Houston Rockets. He was celebrating by cutting some figures on the ice, all the while shouting, "<strong>I'M RICH YAU, SKATING!</strong>"

    This is an anagram for, um, let's see -- oh yes -- <strong>KRISTI YAMAGUCHI</strong>, with an extra N.

    Now take the extra letters and you have NNN -- Naomi Nari Nam.


    Hint: The five skaters that appear in the following puzzle have won a total of 13 world championships and 4 Olympic gold medals.

    My Vacation, by Freddy the Pig

    To get away from Mugsy and his gang I jumped on a quick flight to Hawaii. While I lay low I decided to amuse myself by taking in a little show by the local repertory company. They did the famous Dr. Seuss story. It was <strong>A GRINCHY MAUI SKIT</strong>.

    The next act was Timothy the Strong Man. Men from the audience were invited to come up and wrestle with him. But we didn't have a chance. He took us to <strong>TITAN TIM SCHOOL</strong>.

    Then a clown came out. He gave some pastries to the crowd. They were doctored so that when you bit into one it squirted you in the face. But luckily for me, mine didn't work. It was the <strong>WRONG TRICK BUN</strong>.

    Later, just for fun I, I stopped by the local ice rink. Who do you think I saw? My favorite pairs skaters, Kyoko Ina and John Zimmerman! In fact, John mistook me for his new coach. Evidently Kyoko had been having trouble with her triple toe and they had come to Hawaii for special training. J.Z. must have been flustered about it, because he rushed over to me and shouted, "<strong>TRAIN K. INA, BOOB</strong>"

    For my last adventure I decided to go on a hiking trip. I had a choice of the Blue path or the Pink path. I didn't know which to choose, but a tour guide sized up my strength and stamina and whispered, "When they ask which one you want to go on, <strong>SAY 'PINK TRAILS'</strong>."

    At the end of my Odyssey I discovered that by deciphering all of the anagrams, I had five letters left over. Taken in order, they spelled the last name of a well-known skating coach, who happened to be sitting next to me on the flight home. Who was it?


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    Re: Yo, U Skata!

    I figured them out, I think. But I didn't know if you wanted them posted.

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    ***** must have a lot of time since the summer/ fall of 200#

    ***** must be very relaxed nowadays since there is no stress from teaching the current group of students.

    ***** comes from the land of Thomas Tallis, Vaughan Williams, George Butterworth, Newton, and Elgar. It is a land that provded inspiration to Bartholdy, and Handel. It is the land of ------- your favorite poet. BTW, Franz Liszt was born in the year when your fav poet was kicked out of school.

    Freddy, did ***** tell you any inside info of ----- -----, whose family came from sea sOd?

    Off topic, Freddy, do you need MM's cd to solve the other puzzle?

    <span style="color:red;font-size:medium;">Carmina banana: a medieval musical plantain </span>

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    Re: Yow!

    Freddy, it's <strong>Yao</strong> Ming, not Yau Ming. As in:

    Seven-foot-five basketball player Yao Ming went to the dentist. They had to pull his biggest tooth. It was

    <strong>A YAO TUSK</strong> (YUKA SATO).


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