Many new U.S. assignments were made official as of August 17th at:

The pair/dance assignments were made based on the results and performances at the Lake Placid Dance and Indy Pairs Challenge monitoring competitions earlier this month.

Skate America: Jamie Silverstein/Ryan O'Meara (new team) were added.

Nebelhorn Trophy: Jane Bugaeva, Tiffany Scott/Rusty Fein (new pair), Chloe Katz/Joseph Lynch (new senior pair, '05 junior bronze medalists), Loren Galler-Rabinowitz/David Mitchell and Kim Navarro/Brent Bommentre (new team) were added.

Finlandia Trophy: Alissa Czisny and Nick LaRoche -- but this event apparently has been cancelled due to low entries and so they will have to be reassigned.

Vienna Cup: Emily Hughes, Tiffany Vise/Derek Trent and Jennifer Wester/Daniil Barantsev (new team) were added.

Golden Spin of Zagreb: Katie Beriau/Joseph Gazzola and Julia Rey/Philipp Rey.

Estonia JGP: Lilly Pixley/John Salway replace Claire Davis/Nathan Miller (injured) in pairs; Jane Summersett/Elliott Pennington and Mauri Gustafson/Logan Giulietti-Schmitt were added in dance.

Montreal JGP: Bridget Namiotka/John Coughlin (new pair) and Elizabeth Miosi/Sergei Ponomarev (dance) were added.

This is the 2nd JGP for these 5 teams:

Bulgaria JGP: Emily Samuelson/Evan Bates and Meryl Davis/Charlie White were added.

Croatia JGP: Julia Vlassov/Drew Meekins and Kaitlin Weaver/Charles Clavey were added.

Poland JGP: Kimmerly Lauten/Augie Hill were added.