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Thread: The 'Great ' New Judging System.

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    The 'Great ' New Judging System.

    Around your simple question
    Of why I’d like to be a judge
    There is a simple answer
    And on that I will not fudge
    I’ve checked out all my options
    And it seems a great career
    Travelling to competitions round the world
    Without worry care or fear

    You don’t need to know much about the sport
    There’s no check on what you do
    And though you are not officially paid
    You are when you know who
    to talk to for some money
    There’s a Russian I am told
    Pays plenty for the right support
    If your votes can be bought or sold

    I would move quickly up the ranks
    Cos I don’t mind if I have a wet brown nose
    I can be charming and considerate
    To those that I suppose
    can help me to gain power
    To Speedy I’d be sweet
    I’d love the privileges that go with judging
    Without the hard work of those that do compete.

    Because I wouldn’t have to do much
    My competency would not be on display
    I’d love all the celebratory dinners
    And going to places where I didn’t have to pay
    From Russia to America I could pretend to take a stance
    About a competition that I had slept thorough
    My marks I’d have worked out in advance

    It would be one big party
    Yes the lifestyle sounds just great
    And the best part of the job
    Is that I would not have to know how to skate.

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    Re: The 'Great ' New Judging System.

    :lol: :rollin: :lol:


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