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Thread: Seeking compilation of G&G and T&D

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    Seeking compilation of G&G and T&D

    Hi, all.

    Just wondering if anyone has compiled Gordeeva & Grinkov or Torvill & Dean. I have one T&D tape, but have not been able to locate any G&G tapes.

    You can PM me. Thanks.

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    Re: Seeking compilation of G&G and T&D

    I just checked your profile to see your location (I live in England so I can't help you - different formats). Just wanted to say though, T&D compilations aren't easy to get because not many people have their earlier stuff on tapes that they can copy (remember it was the early 80s). But the good news is, there have been several T&D tapes released properly to buy, you can probably get them on Amazon and/or ebay. They include:

    "Torvill and Dean with the Russian All Stars" (World tour in the late 80s - 88-89 I think, with a Russian skating company directed/choreographed by Tatiana Tarasova). T&D performances are Bolero, Snow Maiden, Missing, couple of group numbers. I know there's another T&D solo aswell but my mind's gone blank.

    "Face The Music: The Tour" (their World tour in 94-95). T&D performances include Bolero, Mack and Mabel/Barnum/Paso Doble medley, Let's Face The Music and Dance, Encounter, Hat Trick, In Trutina, 94 Rhumba OD (History of Love).

    "The Story So Far" - my favourite. Narrated by them, it includes loads and loads of programmes, including rare early footage (including Jayne skating pairs), free dances from 78-81, 82 OD (Summertime) and FD (Mack and Mabel), 83 FD (Barnum), 84 OD (Paso Doble) and FD (Bolero). Also includes 94 programmes (Let's Face The Music and Dance and History of Love - the former is from both the Nationals and Olympics IIRC. 80% of it was changed in a few weeks.), and lots of professional programmes, including Encounter, Missing, Diablo Tango (hilarious), Hat Trick, Song of India, and lots more.

    "Ice Adventures" - World tour in 98-99. This tour is not like the others, in that they don't perform any of the old favourites like Bolero. It's made up of four main parts, set in different circumstances, and all the routines etc are interlinked. They are on the ice almost all the time, unlike most tours when you go on, perform, and go off for the next person. T&D routines include Trunk Tango, Take 5, Something Stupid, and more. Some of it is really funny (ie. Chris as a camp hockey player, and Jayne's dance partner pulling out from the "Winter Games" and Chris grudgingly filling in). Unique show, anyway, and very entertaining.

    "Path to Perfection" - this was the first compilation made, I think. It has their 80 FD, and Mack and Mabel, Summertime, Barnum, Bolero, Paso Doble, and numerous interviews with them, their coach, and other people connected to them. It is sometimes sold with their TV special "Fire and Ice" on it too, sometimes the latter is sold seperately. In 94, a video was released that had Path to Perfection, Fire and Ice, and also their CDs, OD and FD from 94 British Nationals on it, but it was made without T&D's consent/knowledge and was withdrawn. The odd video could still be available on ebay though.

    Hope I haven't rambled on too much! lol. Just thought I'd help.

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    Re: Seeking compilation of G&G and T&D

    Hi there,
    I can make you a G&G compilation if you live in North America. E-mail me at if you're interested.

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