Hello fan fiction readers and writers,

This is an announcement of sorts for a new automated fan fiction archive,
http://www.fandomination.net/ There are a couple of things I should explain
first as this site, while a multi-fandom archive, is not a site for everyone
because of its ideological base.

While we were creating this archive, we thought about things that we would
like to see improved in a large automated fan fiction site. The first thing
we wanted to see was a site that was dedicated solely to fan fiction, that
excluded poetry and original stories. The other thing we wanted to see was a
better feedback method. Words like review tend to cause confusion among
reader and writer. Are reviews for the readers to judge if they should read
a story? Are reviews for authors to stroke their egos? Should reviews give
constructive criticism? Another thing we wanted to see was a higher quality,
high caliber of story. We desired to see greater involvement of the staff in
running the community, with a bigger presence in addressing concerns, and
better author/reader support. We also wanted an archive of fiction that
allowed for Real Person Fic, and MSTs. Next, we wanted great support from
the pro-author writing community for our craft that is legitimate as any
other form of genre fiction.

Fan fiction is stories based on other people's work. Fan fiction does not
encompass original fiction though writers of original fiction can be fiction
writers. Fan fiction is in ninety percent of the cases not fan fiction
poetry. Most poetry falling under the realms of fan fiction is so vague that
its wording is often a more universal truth than a specific fannish one. We
didn't think a fan fiction archive that is solely a fan fiction should have
it, nor did we want it. There are plenty of other places for original
fiction authors to post their stuff.

Feedback is all important to our site. We've heard gripes and have often
griped amongst ourselves about the feedback - reviewing and feedbacking
systems at other sites. We don't think it's built to be particularly author
friendly and we feel it creates unfair competition by causing authors to
feel like they have to compete for the number of reviews to establish
popularity or define themselves as good based on quantity. Other sites have
made things difficult to send authors private feedback, one of the perks of
posting to Usenet or mailing lists. We've "fixed" both these things by
giving each story a threaded message board, and by giving authors a private
on-site mail box. The private on-site mailbox allows readers who might
otherwise be hesitant to send constructive criticism publicly an opportunity
to do so privately. Both methods allow for more fluid dialogue between
author and reader, encouraging interaction and hopefully more constructive
We like well-written stories and firmly, with all our hearts, believe that
there is good fan fiction and unsatisfactory fan fiction. We don't believe
this is all a matter of taste. If a story isn't spell checked, grammar
checked, character's names not spelled correctly, extremely out of
character, the story is not good and users don't want to read it. In
addition, we don't think readers should be forced to endure some of this
material which is painful to read. Our site has created a process to ensure
an overall higher quality of story. The staff created a list of things that
make for bad fan fiction, and created definitions for what is usually a bad
story. Armed with this list, the staff picks categories they feel
comfortable reading because they love the canon material. They are then
charged with reading stories in that section. If they find a story that is
bad or not very good at all, the "content manager" staff member puts the
story into holding. The content manager then sends a note to the author
saying why they "weeded" their story, i.e. atrocious characterizations, poor
spelling, an annoying Mary Sue, and sex scenes that are not realistic. The
author is then given a set amount of time to fix those problems in their
story and resubmit it. If they choose to do this, the story will be
reevaluated. If it still has those problems, they can go a second round of
trying to improve. If they fix those problems, the story gets improved. We
feel that we should help authors to the best of our ability. That is why we
decided to build a front-end feedbacking system. We don't want authors in
the dark as to why their stories were removed. This process should ensure an
overall better story.

One of the things that makes other sites difficult to use is their lack of
reader and author support. Concerns about user interface seem to fall on
deaf ears, with little or no explanation given. We hope to remedy this by
having a large staff of people who know the site, understand the site,
understand its principles, and who have direct and immediate access to those
who are in charge. This way, if your question can't be answered by the top
two people, some one else on staff can try to address your concerns or is on
a mailing list you belong to where they can see your complaints and let the
staff know or answer your questions there. We also have a site support
message board where the staff or other users can answer your questions.
The Internet has a distinct lack when it comes to automated fan fiction
archives for Real Person Fic and MSTs. This is included on our site as a
result. (If you don't like it, don't read it. We've worked hard to make this
material hard for you to access accidentally if you object to this type of
material. It shouldn't show up in say the Lord of the Rings section.)

Lastly, we want to create a fan fiction community which is friendly to
pro-authors. For this reason, unless a pro-author has given their consent
for fan fiction to be written based on their works, we refuse to host it.
Fan fiction is a text based medium which can too easily compete with other
written material. Pro-authors are also often sole creators of their
universes. As such, these worlds are less open to, in our view,
interpretation from other view points. Some authors do get very upset when
people slash their characters. We don't want that to happen with our site.

Our site can be found at http://www.fandomination.net/ If you have any
questions regarding our site, please feel free to ask them as I'll try to
answer them.

Laura Hale
fandomination.net founder & chief admin
lhale @ fandomination.net
lhale @ niu.edu'

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