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Thread: October IFS Magazine online

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    October IFS Magazine online

    International Figure Skating Magazine has updated their site with the October issue:

    You can read cover story about Tatiana and Maxim here:

    Great article and photos.

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    Thanks a lot for the link!
    Great story about Tatiana and Max!

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    And for any Yagudin fans out there, IFS has put up some of my new photos of Alexei on the IFS website - and these are all different pictures than the ones I posted in my personal site over the weekend (in the Yagudin photos thread).

    Here's the link:

    Hope you like them, and....

    I think the editor did a great job on her interview with Tatiana and Maxim, and some really cute pictures of them too - you can see their personalities shining through in both the text and photos!
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    Thanks, Kathleen! Of course, all you are doing is spoiling us rotten and making us crave more, more, more...


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    Cool! Thanks.

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    Does anyone know if the magazine is available to book-stores like Borders? I am planning on going to look for it tommorow and I hope it's worth looking for it.

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