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Does anyone think besides me that posters are pushing for the skaters they like as skaters and making the best out of them for qualifying as commentators? It's coming down to my favorite skater should be a commentator.

Are saying that everyone on this board BESIDES YOU has been doing this? If so, I find that very insulting and very presumptuous of you to say that.

Now, if you weren't saying that, then I totally apologize in advance.

BTW, why would you ask Dr. Frog if she hated Kerrigan's skating? I mean, just because you thought she was good, doesn't mean other people do, and just because they don't enjoy it doesn't mean it's because they hated her skating.

Now, as for the NBC team at SLC...ugh.

The thing that bothered me about Bezic would be the way she would show blatant favoritism towards skaters she had choreographed for. But considering that she suicided herself from the sport and therefore unemployed, I guess that bias would no longer be a problem...come to think of it, it wasn't a problem in SLC either .

I always thought Scott was clearly biased in his commentary, and I couldn't believe how off-base he was during SLC. As a skater, he was supposed to be better than the horrible Tom Hammond...not on his level.

Tom Hammond is simply the worst. Al Trautwig is horrible and the worst for gymnastics, but thank goodness that I'm not that familiar with his skating commentary.

I really enjoy Tracy Wilson because she doesn't seem to dumb down the commentary as much as the rest of them do.

But if I think about it, it could be a lot worse...we could get Roz Sumners, and if Scott has any pull, we might considering she's a buddy of his...