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Sasha's exhibition was the Nino Rota movie version.

I have to say, I think she does much better with feisty music, or something with some attitude (like her Malaguena SP)
Her R&J exhibition was lovely, full of lots of WOW moves, but I don't know how it will translate when she has to add 7 jumping passes.
And Morosov is choreographing both her programs.

Very good point! She is much better with the feisty music...even if it's overused. It's as if she gets revved up...almost manic when skating to them. We see fire and passion!

A couple of points I want to make:

1. There is a very fine line I believe, that even Cohen has not learned to distinguish, between skating unabashed and letting go (which I think Kwan shows us how to do) and being manic and loosing your train of though (Cohen often does this, example falling out of a spin, losing an edge, usually very simple elements but causing the most glaring errors). Ask anyone who has suffered from mania, and they'll tell you there is a fine line between being on the verge of a manic episode and having the creative juices flowing and being down right out of control.

2. I don't recall the R&J number...off hand was the music slow or fast? (It’s been a while since I've heard it, but I'm thinking it’s slow). I think that “Dark Eyes” was a good program, but I’m not certain it was *that* good that it was worth keeping. We can debate why a skater keeps a program – especially at her level, but I generally think it’s for several reasons (A) The skater and their handlers feel it’s a good program and since it’s not broke, no need to fix it (B) they’re concentrating on the LP and would rather not fiddle with a new SP (C) Comfort value. I think Sasha is choosing the comfort value. “Dark Eyes” is familiar, not a bad program etc. But, it’s not always wise to recycle a program in an Oly year…esp. if the program was not fantastic to begin with. I’m sure others will disagree.

3. Both Kirk and Cohen seem to skate better to fast, feisty numbers...Kirk more the show tunes as she can have some attitude (Please, Please keep last years SP! ) and Cohen the more serious dramatic type.

4. Someone posted that Cohn preferred to skate to music she felt comfortable with. I think that's very important but I often wonder what makes a piece of music "comfortable". I'm of the opinion that "comfortable/familiar (is in to the skater)” music does not have to mean well-known or frequently used. As a former skater myself, there were times when a coach would bring a selection of music to me that despite studying it, listening to it, improving to it, I never could become comfortable with it. But other times, I did learn to feel safe and secure in it. Sometimes it was a very unique selection and other times it was very popular. I'm wondering if Cohn has ever been given a somewhat original piece of music and even been allowed to get comfortable with it. I wonder further, if Cohn attributes “comfortable” with the familiarity of the music.

Well, that’s my 2 cents – or more like an entire dollar. As I said on another NG, I’m not sure whey I/we continue to hold our breaths for Sasha to choose unique music selections year after year when she never has…so why I/we are disappointed is our own fault. At least she is consistent on this issue.

Hopefully, Cohn will prove me wrong and someone can re-post this to shame me!