Hey everyone! This is my first attempt at a fan fiction story, and I figured I try it since everyone else was! It's my first try, so go easy. I'm giving you a kind of pre-story kind of thing to se if you want me to keep writing, or if the plot is a bomber. I have absolutely no idea what the ending is going to be like, I'm writing as I go. I'm going to be adding new characters as I go along, most of them will be skaters I think. By the way, someone has to be the bad guy, so if I make a skater that you like the villain, don't take it personally. It's not that I don't like the skater, someone just has to be the villain. On the other hand, the villain may not even turn out to be a skater, so whatever! Hope you guys like my story!

Setting: Now-a-days. In a California City.
Characters: Michelle, Sasha, Timmy, Irina, Evgeny, Alexei, and anyone else you guys want me to add in later.

Deadly Intent

Michelle hummed quietly to herself as she walked briskly down the sidewalk of the bustling busy streets. The gentle breeze pushed back her gorgeous brown/gold hair as her heels clicked on the walk. The sun shone brightly down on the city, a few puffy clouds in the baby blue sky and leaves of the trees in the park dancing in the breeze. The smell of Star Bucks coffee and the delicious smells from the nearby bakery filled the air. It was early, and the city was just starting to wake up. Michelle sighed heavily to herself. She was on her way to meet her good friend and fellow ice skater Sasha Cohen. They were going shopping in the mall, and she could hardly wait. She was glad to be taking a break from figure skating for a couple of days, and loved being around Sasha. She was always so cute and bubbly, and always put Michelle in a good mood and made her laugh. She was a very good friend, and always seemed so happy to be near Michelle. Michelle's thoughts were interrupted, as she slammed into a man in a dark suit running past her. The man had curly brown/gold hair, and she realized that it was Timothy Goebel!

"Hey Timmy!" She shouted at him, happy to see him. They were very good friends, sometimes more than friends. He slammed into her side, knocking her to the ground. He mumbled something as he continued running past, and pulled into a dark alley a couple yards back. "What was his problem?" Michelle thought to herself. She shook her head, and stood back off, brushing off the dirt that had fallen onto her clothes. She pushed the thought away and she stood up. Suddenly she realized there was a sheet of paper next to her. "Must have fallen out of his pocket," she thought. She turned the paper over in her hands. It was a regular letter sized sheet of paper, with no stationary. But Michelle was shocked at what she saw on the paper. The paper read:

<font size="4"><font face="ransom">Back out of Worlds, Quad King. Or someone very, very close to you will be severely harmed! Permanently! </font><font size="1">