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Thread: Deadly Intent: A Michelle Kwan Mystery

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    Deadly Intent: A Michelle Kwan Mystery

    Hey everyone! This is my first attempt at a fan fiction story, and I figured I try it since everyone else was! It's my first try, so go easy. I'm giving you a kind of pre-story kind of thing to se if you want me to keep writing, or if the plot is a bomber. I have absolutely no idea what the ending is going to be like, I'm writing as I go. I'm going to be adding new characters as I go along, most of them will be skaters I think. By the way, someone has to be the bad guy, so if I make a skater that you like the villain, don't take it personally. It's not that I don't like the skater, someone just has to be the villain. On the other hand, the villain may not even turn out to be a skater, so whatever! Hope you guys like my story!

    Setting: Now-a-days. In a California City.
    Characters: Michelle, Sasha, Timmy, Irina, Evgeny, Alexei, and anyone else you guys want me to add in later.

    Deadly Intent

    Michelle hummed quietly to herself as she walked briskly down the sidewalk of the bustling busy streets. The gentle breeze pushed back her gorgeous brown/gold hair as her heels clicked on the walk. The sun shone brightly down on the city, a few puffy clouds in the baby blue sky and leaves of the trees in the park dancing in the breeze. The smell of Star Bucks coffee and the delicious smells from the nearby bakery filled the air. It was early, and the city was just starting to wake up. Michelle sighed heavily to herself. She was on her way to meet her good friend and fellow ice skater Sasha Cohen. They were going shopping in the mall, and she could hardly wait. She was glad to be taking a break from figure skating for a couple of days, and loved being around Sasha. She was always so cute and bubbly, and always put Michelle in a good mood and made her laugh. She was a very good friend, and always seemed so happy to be near Michelle. Michelle's thoughts were interrupted, as she slammed into a man in a dark suit running past her. The man had curly brown/gold hair, and she realized that it was Timothy Goebel!

    "Hey Timmy!" She shouted at him, happy to see him. They were very good friends, sometimes more than friends. He slammed into her side, knocking her to the ground. He mumbled something as he continued running past, and pulled into a dark alley a couple yards back. "What was his problem?" Michelle thought to herself. She shook her head, and stood back off, brushing off the dirt that had fallen onto her clothes. She pushed the thought away and she stood up. Suddenly she realized there was a sheet of paper next to her. "Must have fallen out of his pocket," she thought. She turned the paper over in her hands. It was a regular letter sized sheet of paper, with no stationary. But Michelle was shocked at what she saw on the paper. The paper read:

    <font size="4"><font face="ransom">Back out of Worlds, Quad King. Or someone very, very close to you will be severely harmed! Permanently! </font><font size="1">

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    Re: Deadly Intent: A Michelle Kwan Mystery

    Chapter One

    Michelle gasped. Who would threaten Timmy? Who wants him out of the competition and why? So many questions in Michelle’s head; not enough answers. Her heart ached, knowing Timmy could be in great danger. She quickly looked over the note again. She then recognized a small faint logo in the upper left hand corner of the paper. It was hard to make out, but it looked like a picture of a horse, with the words “Madison’s Best Quality Racing Horses” She quickly rushed to the mall to find Sasha.

    “But why would someone possibly do that?” Sasha exclaimed.

    “I don’t know, but we have to find out! I don’t want Timmy getting hurt!” Michelle answered.

    “Should we go to the police?” Sasha asked.

    “No. After all, they might pass it off as some child’s funny prank.”

    “But I’m sure that it’s not!” Sasha retorted.

    “But we don’t have enough evidence. I think we should further investigate. Sasha, today I want you to find Madison’s Horses in the phone book and make a trip there and just poke around. I’m going to go find Timmy and see if he will talk to me.”

    “Alright,” Sasha agreed.

    Michelle quickly started walking home. Her house was only a block away from Sasha’s, so it wasn’t very far. She didn’t know why she was walking so fast, but she wanted to get home quickly. She felt very strange walking home. Tofu greeted her at the door wagging his cute little tail as she walked in. She picked up the phone and started dialing Timmy’s number. It rang four times, and the answering machine came on.

    “Hey Timmy. It’s Michelle. Um, I was wondering what happened today when you slammed into me today, and when I called your name you didn’t answer. Um, I found this paper that must have fell out of your pocket or something. I don’t know what it’s about Timmy, but if it’s serious, I fear for your safety. Please call me. I want to help you. I don’t want you getting hurt! Please Tim-”

    Suddenly the phone clicked, and Michelle’s message stopped. Timmy had picked up the phone.

    “Oh Timmy thanks for picking up the phone I-” But then Michelle stopped when she heard a deep gruff, disguised voice come over the phone.

    “Timmy’s not here – and stay out of Timmy’s business – he doesn’t need you following him around like a little puppy. I’m warning you Michelle keep out!” The phone clicked, and the person hung up. Michelle was shocked. Where was Tim? And who was that person at his house? Michelle threw on her coat and hurried out of the house.

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    Re: Deadly Intent: A Michelle Kwan Mystery

    Chapter Two

    (Meanwhile, at Sasha’s…)

    “Ok, thank you. Goodbye.” Sasha hung up the phone. Indeed, there was a Madison’s Best Quality Racing Horses in the next town over, and Sasha hopped in her car to drive over there.

    She slowed down as she reached a huge amount of land, maybe 8 acres at the least. A sign near the beginning of the land read, “Madison’s Best Quality Racing Horses” She parked the car, and walked into the small store next to the stables and the pasture. The store was colorful, with pictures of their horses and ribbons from competitions they had won, pictures of the horses for sale, and brochures. The company was huge, and had sold many many horses. A man stepped out from behind the counter. He had dark brown hair, a dark mustache, and a beard. His eyes were very dark, and he was tall and lean. Sasha stepped up to him.

    “Excuse me, but I was wondering if I could look at the record of employees here.” Sasha politely asked.

    “Why do you want to do that?” The man retorted. His voice was very deep and gruff. He stared at Sasha, and Sasha shivered.

    “Well,” Sasha replied, “my friend used to work here as the secretary, and she wanted me to pick up some stuff she left in her desk a couple of days ago.”

    “I’m sorry missy, but we keep all of our employees information top secret. Absolutely no one is allowed. If your friend wants her files, she will have to come and get them herself.”

    “Well, could I just-”

    “NO!” The man’s sudden tone scared Sasha. She turned to leave and stepped out the door. Suddenly something caught her eye. The back door to the store was open. The offices. Sasha quickly looked around to make sure no one was looking, and stepped inside.

    There were many people in the offices, busy typing away at their computers, or taking calls for horses. Sasha wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking for, but she walked past rows of offices. The building was 2 stories, and Sasha hopped in the elevator to the second floor. The second floor was mostly empty, and there were only a few people in the offices. Sasha saw the second office on the right was dark, and Sasha walked up to it. Surprisingly, the door was unlocked. “That’s funny,” Sasha thought to herself. The desk was full of papers, most about just horses and stuff. But then Sasha gasped. A pad of stationary identical to the one that was on the note sat on the desk. The desk had some name of the secretary that she couldn’t pronounce. She decided to check another office.

    The second one she checked was locked, but the third one was open. She pushed open the door and stepped inside. She searched the desk, and came up with the same results. It turned out that every desk had that stationary. She searched around for a name. Suddenly she heard the door creak behind her. She whirled around, but no one was there. She pulled open the drawer and gasped. Inside was a picture of Timmy, doing a spread Eagle. She examined the picture more closely and carefully put it in her purse. She looked for a name on the desk and took out a pen to write the name down. She found it, the first couple letters sticking out – Mish.

    She was about to push the papers aside to read the rest of the name, something smashed onto her head. Pain shot through her entire body, and the world started to go black as Sasha slipped to the floor, unconscious.

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    Re: Deadly Intent: A Michelle Kwan Mystery

    I was at the beach most of the day today, so I posted the first 3 chapters and then took my notebook down to the beach and sat on the beach in a sweatshirt and wrote 2 more chapters. It was freezing! I must've looked silly. The next two chapters are really short, but there will be more coming tomorrow, I promise. I'll get up early and get writing. Well, enough blabbing for me. Here's Chapter 3 and 4!

    Chapter Three

    Sasha’s view slowly came into focus. Her vision was blurred and her head was pouncing. Her whole body ached and at first she couldn’t fell the tight ropes cutting off her circulation. She looked around to try and figure out where she was. It was extremely dark and she had to let her eyes adjust to the darkness of the room. She could see the shadowy figures of a furnace and a water heater a couple of yards away and the floor she was laying on was cold cement. The room smelled musty and she could hear water dripping somewhere in the distance. “I’m probably in some sort of basement.” She thought to herself. She tried to stand up but her legs felt like jell-o and the ropes binding her ankles pulled tight. She exhaustingly sat back down, trying to figure out how to get out of the basement. Suddenly she saw something metallic gleam over in the corner. She squinted at it harder to make out what it was. It was a rusty chain saw, sitting on a workbench with other tools. “This is my way out!” Sasha thought. She slowly hoisted herself up off of the floor and carefully hopped over to the saw. The gag on her mouth was killing her and who knows when whoever tied her up would come back to get her. And then who knows what he would do to her. When she finally reached the table shw turned the chainsaw over and carefully placed her wrists on the saw. “I would never believe in my wildest dreams that I would be doing this right now. This morning, I was a care – free pretty, bubbly figure skater going to the mall with her friend. Now I’m trying to escape from a basement someone tied me up in! What a life I live.” The saw was dull, and she had to really rub hard. After about 10 minutes of sawing at the ropes, the ropes finally came loose. Sasha gratefully pulled them off of her wrists. Her wrists were raw and red from the ropes but she quickly pulled off the gag. Through the darkness, Sasha could still make out the gag – it was a piece of cloth – cloth from Timmy’s “An American in Paris” costume – the costume he had been wearing the night before!

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    Re: Deadly Intent: A Michelle Kwan Mystery

    Chapter Four

    Michelle parked her car outside of Timmy’s house. She ran up to the door. Suprisingly, the second floor window was wide open, with the curtains blowing out of it. The front door was creaked open and the house was pitch dark.

    “Something is not right,” Michelle thought to herself, shivering. Michelle slowly opened the door.

    “Timmy?” The door creaked. It was like something out of a horror movie. She crept through the house she knew too well.

    “Timmy’s ok. He’s probably sitting on the couch reading a book or watching tv,” Michelle thought, trying to calm down her rapidly beating heart. The house was like it usually was. With Tim and his rather neat personality, he loathed a messy house and almost always kept it in semi – order. The kitchen was normal looking, but Michelle didn’t know what to expect.

    “Timmy?” Michelle called. “Timmy!” …Silence. It was an eerie silence, and it sent a chill down her spine. She shivered and tried to find a light switch. The furniture cast dark shadows on the walls. Michelle found a flashlight in one of the cabinets and flicked it on. She started up the stairs.

    “Timmy? Timmy?” She trudged up the stairs. She turned into Timmy’s room.

    “Ahh,” she thought, “a light switch.” She flicked it on and gasped. Timmy’s room was an absolute mess! All the drawers were pulled open and clothes lay all over the floor. The closet was completely torn apart. His stereo was knocked over, ice skating medals all over the floor. The window was wide open, drapes blowing in sending a chilly wind through the room. But Timmy was no where to be found.

    “Timmy!!” Michelle exclaimed. Her heart ached for Tim. What if he was in danger? But, did her heart ache out of concern….....or out of…

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    forever mkfan welcome to GS

    "I was at the beach most of the day today"

    I envy you.

    More chapters please.

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