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Thread: Kimmie Meissner Sweet 16 Project

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    Kimmie Meissner Sweet 16 Project

    For Kimmie's sweet 16 I would like to put together a book of messages from Kimmie's fans. In case my website is down (Kimmie Meissner Fan Center) this is what it says on the projects page:

    For Kimmie's sweet 16 on October 4 I would like to send her a special gift from the Kimmie Meissner Fan Center and thus all of her fans. I would like to send her a collection of messages and/or pictures that I will put together into a small book and send to her. The book will be the size of half a piece of 8 1/2 by 11 paper so please make sure your messages fits into this size. To sumbit your pictures and/or messages send me an e-mail or submit messages through the form on my website. You can either sumbit it in the text of the message or attach it as a file, either is fine. Submissions must be e-mailed to me no later then September 17.

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    Just a bump that there is one week left to sumbit messages, if my website is down any birthday messages can be emailed to me at I look forward to recieving more messages.

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    BUMP.... this is the LAST day for submitions, I have received a lot less then I was expecting, I only have 10 so please if you are a fan of Kimmie send me your message TODAY at or on the projects page of my website

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    If anyone has any last minute submitions I have decided to extend the deadline to this Tuesday 9/20. Please submit I only have 14 messages. Once again my email is

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    Just a reminder to anyone who has yet to submit a message please do so today!

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