This is NOT A PREDICTION THREAD. It's about the skaters you love and what your are looking forward to see them do. Here's mine:

Plushenko - to get back to his great form and see if the knee is a problem.
Joubert - to see a renewed skater with a better costume.
Lambiel - to see him do the 3.5s with as much ease as he does the quads.
Lindemann - to see a more consistent skate which he can do.
Buttle - to see his new Wilson LP and a quad.
Sandhu - to just let it happen and get off my hit or miss list.
Lysacek - to see a quad and what Carroll gives him this season.
Weir - to see his new TT LP and a quad.
Griazev - to see a more complete skater.
Klimkin - Just to see him on the ice.
Li - to see if the judges give him the scores he deserves.
Othmund - to makes a statement as the new boy for 2010.

Irina - To continue the momentum with a better LP.
Sasha - Definitely to see Morosov's revamped R&J and a 3x3.
Carolina - to see the last minute of her LP with energy and a3x3xTHREE
Michelle - definitely TT's choreography, less crossovers and a 3x3.
Shizuka - to get her head together and do what she is capable of doing.
Joannie - to see Wilson's new LP and two 3x3s.
Susanna - to see more spark in the LP performance with her 3x3s.

All the other boys and girls: to give me a surprise.