I want the skaters who love this sport more than any other, to win the olympic gold. Not just the children of the rich, whose parents didn't have to make one sacrifice to pay for lessons, boots, etc...unless one of those competitiors happens to be madly in love with skating, like I said before.

Sasha-To be able to concentrate and not get distracted. And to be able to enjoy herself, despite the nerves.

Irina-To be healthy.

Michelle-I'd like to see some different style costumes on her than we're used to seeing. Maybe, something white and flowy.

Plushenko-I would also like to see some different costumes for him. New choreography.

Johnny-Keep it up.

Lambiel-Just to keep being excited about what he doing out there. Land all his jumps, and add the quad if it's a healthy thing to do, for him.

Matt Savoie-Show everyone, epecially the judges, that he's got what it takes. I know he does.