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Thread: The Top Skaters - What Will You Be Looking For?

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    Thanks Shanti for the basically, he's not in top form (even for this time of the year) or is but just doesn't feel 100% yet, either really not sure what he is skating to are just giving that impression to not give his competitors a clue as to what is going on with him (and psyche them out), and may or may not have knee problems still (and the quiet her probably for the same reasons as the programs)??? I really love how this guy performs on the ice...and the mystery makes me even more anxious to see him skate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckm
    Irina was on reduced medication last year at the start of the GP, but after the GPF, she started to get ill again and had to go back on strong dosages to keep her illness at bay. She was wheezing noticeably during Euros, and that may have been why she had such a poor FS.

    I think that when Irina is relaxed and not competing, she doesn't have disease symptoms, but once she's back in competition, the stress of competition brings on the illness. Like Evgeni Plushenko, she really would be best NOT doing early-season cheesefests. The Grand Prix is stressful enough, especially in an Olympic season where the stress level is greater than in a normal season.
    I believe so too. Yet she insists on doing a full schedule, which is perfectly fine by me; it's the total opposite of "taking it one day at a time" and only doing the important comps. However, she does have an illness, and it MAY not be the best thing for her to do at this point. But, it may not matter too much what she does early on. The major competitions will still be very stressful and this is where things get problematic.

    However- she did manage to recover enough to win Worlds. So IMO it's a matter of peaking at the right time. But next year, can she do that a month earlier?

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    Crossing my fingers!

    Kwan - To see her that smile again (you know the one--the one she had right before she took the starting position in 1998 Nationals, 2001 Worlds, 2003 Nationals, etc.) When she looks that happy and comfortable, you know it's going to be great.

    Suguri -
    Quote Originally Posted by brad640
    continued imagination, stage presence and to-die-for costumes from Fumie.
    Ditto! Plus that grit she showed in 4CC last season.

    Nikodinov - I'll just be looking for some news of a successful surgery. Keeping her my thoughts.

    Liang- To show the USFSA that she doesn't fit into a cookie cutter! Plus some consistency on that 3loop.

    Ota - More of that captivating musicality and some clean jumps.

    Jahnke - Land those 3axels! And more of that thoughtful Tom Dickson choreography.

    Klimkin - An injury-free season.

    Shen & Zhao - Just hoping to see them skate again.

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