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Thread: My favorite skater lost

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    Freddy the Pig 2

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    My favorite skater lost

    When life’s at its darkest and everything’s black,
    I DON’T want my friends to come patting my back.
    I scorn consolation, just leave me alone,
    I just want to sniffle, sob, bellow, and groan.

    There’s pleasure in weeping, a joy in despair;
    There’s great satisfaction in tearing my hair.
    Don’t tell me I’m pretty, I want to be plain.
    I DON’T want the sunshine, I want it to rain.

    Why can’t my friends see, when I’m feeling so low,
    That the lower I get then the higher I’ll go
    Later on, for before you can rise you must drop;
    If you haven’t hit bottom you can’t reach the top.

    For the way to be helpful to those who are down
    Is not to be merry and act like a clown,
    But to look on the dark side and groan and predict
    That ruin impends and you’re finally licked.

    So when I feel awful just point out my faults,
    Don’t try to console me and ask me to waltz.
    Just tell me I’m stupid, convince me I’m sick,
    Assert that my head is some four inches thick.

    And then pretty soon when you’ve got me below
    The point where my misery’d normally go,
    I’ll begin to feel better, I’ll shake off my woes,
    And I’ll haul off and give you a sock in the nose,

    By which you will know that your duty is done.
    It may have been painful, may not have been fun;
    But though flat on your back with your nose in a sling,
    You’ll be satisfied, knowing you’ve done the right thing.

    (adapted from the Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig, by Walter R. Brooks)

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    Re: My favorite skater lost

    Freddy....I enjoyed your poem very much! So, who's your favourite skater that lost?

    Here's my most recent attempt at poetry (you will see why I have subsequently given up the pursuit). It was not written with figure skating in mind, but I used the "fields of gold" line from that song Michelle skates to if that qualifies it in any way. Actually, now I think of it, this could be me reciting this to MY favourite skater....

    (favourite skater)
    Have you ever been over a rainbow?
    Or walked through fields of gold?
    Have you ever soared with eagles?
    Or touched a star in heaven?
    I have
    You've taken me there.

    Gag! (ah, no, the 'gag' isn't part of the poem, just my concise evaluation of my work!). hehehe!


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