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Thread: One book- One CD- One Movie Forever...

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    One book- One CD- One Movie Forever...

    So this is like if you had the choice of reading one book- listening to one CD and watching one movie forever what would you choose? Be wise because you never know what might happen...

    As for me I am choosing music that is catchy, beautiful, haunting, uplifting, elegant, simple, whimsical, deep, other-wordly and classic. That could only bean one thing: Eisley "Room Noises."

    As I love comedy, drama, and well I don't know where to put this... "Napolean Dynamite." Vote for Pedro!!!!!1

    Seeing that I am a lover of fantasy and science fiction I would choose "House of the Scorpion."

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    oh goodness this is hard....ummmmmmmmmm

    1. CD - Avalon: The Best Of
    2. Book - The Bible
    3. Movie - well today I'll answer Revenge of the Sith because I will have star wars and Ewan goodness... tomorrow the answer may change

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    Book: probably the Bible
    CD: Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits
    Movie: Steel Magnolias

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    Book: The Bible
    CD: Josh Groban's latest CD
    Movie: Follow that Bird (first movie I remember seeing. I was 3, and my mom said I had a tear running down my cheek during the "blue bird" scene. And since I'm at the ripe old age of 23, lol... it always brings me back to that feeling of childlike innocence. Keeping that is very precious to me.

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    One Book: "To Kill a Mockingbird" (although my Bible goes without saying)

    One CD: a compilation of Beethoven.

    One Movie: Probably "To Kill a Mockingbird" still brings me to tears at the end.

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