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Thread: Best Looking People in Hollywood.

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    Best Looking People in Hollywood.

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    For me, it's a bit different.

    Johnny Depp (no photo needed) tops the guys.

    I'm also partial to Gael Garcia Bernal

    And for girls. I think that Kristen Bell (from Veronica Mars) is adorable.

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    Beautiful on the inside and the outside....

    Liv Tyler

    Mel Gibson

    Kate Hudson

    Kate Winslet

    Sean Astin

    Elijah Wood

    Dom Monaghan

    Erik Von Detten

    Celeste Holm

    Patricia Heaton

    Josh Groban

    Clay Aiken

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    Ewan McGregor
    George Eads
    Brad Pitt (when he's not bleaching his hair - he's not overly gorgeous, but it's that twinkle in his eye...)

    Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford were both sexy in their younger years.

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    I may be older, but I still enjoy a nice looking man....
    I've never understood the Tom Cruise attraction, that is for sure.

    My list would include:
    Kevin Bacon
    George Eads
    William Peterson
    Gary Dourdan
    Mel Gibson
    and even tho he's not a Hollywood star, this guy keeps my eyes happy from April thru October:

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