Alexei Video 8 hours SOLID
1996 Junior Worlds Sp
1996 Junior Worlds LP
1997 Worlds SP
1997 Worlds LP
1997 Lalique LP plus interview
1997 Cup of Russia LP
1998 Grand Prix Final LP
1998 Olys SP (CBC)
1998 Olys LP (CBC)
1998 Olys exhibition (CBC)
1998 Worlds LP (ABC)
1998 Skate America LP
1998 Nations Cup Lp
1998 Lalique LP
1998 Europeans LP
1999 GPF plus Alexei's Mother Interview
1999 Europeans Gala
1999-2000 Masters SP, LP and 2 Interviews(TNT)
1999-2000 Skate America SP LP and Exhibition(starsports)
1999-2000 Skate Canada SP LP and Exhibition (starsports)
plus interview on Probation
1999-2000 Lalique LP (starsports)
1999 Worlds SP and LP (CTV and ABC)
2000 Europeans Gala (only available in VCD)
2000-2001 Skate Canada LP(starsports)
2000-2001 lalique Lp and exhibition plus interview(starsports)
2000-2001 GPF LP A and B (ABC)
2000 Worlds SP and LP (CTV and ABC coverage)
2001 Worlds SP, LP, Pluff piece (CTV and ABC)
2001-2002 Skate America SP and LP (starsports)
2001-2002 lalique SP and LP (starsports)
2001-2002 GPF LP A and LP B and exhibition (starsports & abc)
2002 Europeans LP and interview (ABC)
2002 Olympic Primer Alexei Interview(Gillete Sports)
2002 Olys SP, LP, medal ceremony, exhibitions and Interviews (CBC and World feed)
2002 Worlds Qualifying round, SP, LP, exhibition and interviews, appearance in ladies finals, medal ceremony
(ABC Coverage)


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