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    Nutso to rgirl

    Eltamina¡'s dislcaimer: E Nutso, the science correspondence of the "cold chinadoll " news agency sends me messages to be related to rgirl. I am not responsible for the accuracy of the content. I don't know which folder these messages should be post, so I choose to deposit them here in literature. Who knows, maybe E Nutso is really writing fiction, since I am not a science type, and don't really know what he is talking about.

    The first message has a title: Who is Master and who is Not (Slave)

    E Nutso (not Nutsa) told me that it was prompted by rgirl's :

    Adrenals! The master adapter gland! EEEEEEEEOOOOOOOH!

    Imagine the pituitary gland/ hypothalamus unit takes on a life of its own, it will probably tell rgirl, "I am the MASTER (gland), don't you dare ignore me, why such fascination with the adrenal gland. BTW, you won't have a drop of cortisol without me, the PITITUARY, the true MASTER"

    E. Nutso went on to things he calls gross anatomy, microanatomy, endocrinology. Rgirl, I hope you understand, I sure do not.

    According to E Nutso

    Background Neuroendocrinology: Brain endocrine interactions

    The hypothalamus and pituitary unit exerts CONTROL over several endocrine glands - ADRENALS, thyroid, and gonads for a wide range of physiologic activities.

    Nerve cells ->endocrine cells communication may be characterized by secretion of chemical mesengers (neurotransmitters or hormones), and electrical activities. The communication may occur by 4 mechanisms
    1._ _ _ _ Synaptic junctions : neural communication, consider the sympathetic innervations to the adrenal medulla a modified synaptic junction.
    2._ _ _ _ Circulating hormones : endocrine communications
    3._ _ _ _ Messengers that diffuse in the interstitial fluid to adjacent target cells : paracrine communication
    4._ _ _ _ Messengers that act on self - autocrine

    E Nutso proceeded to talk about and anatomy, embryology, and blood supply of the pituitary gland, rgirl, unless you really want to read it, I will skip posting.

    The only thing that is interesting to me is that the pituitary is cradled by the sella turcica. The sella turcica (Turk's saddle) is a saddlelike part of the sphenoid bone of the cranial fossae. There are 3 parts : Tuberculum sellae, and olive shaped swelling anterior, Hypophyseal fossa, a saddlelike depression for the hypophysis (pituitary gland), in the middle, and Dorsum sellae (back of the saddle) posteriorly.

    Rgirl, what do you do with olives and saddles?

    Back to E Nutso's message

    Microanatomy of the pituitary

    Anterior pituitary cells are classified by their secretory products:

    Somatotrophs, the Growth hormone secreting cells. They are acidophilic in standard hematoxylin and eosiin preparation.

    Lactotrophs: Prolactin secreting cell is also acidophilic

    Thyrotrophs: Thyroid stimulating hormone secreting cells, are basophilic

    Gonadotrophs: Luteinizing hormone, and Follicle stimulating hormone, they are basophilic

    CORTICOTROPHS: Adrenotrocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), secreted by basophilic cells. ACTH regulates the zona fasciculata and reticularis.

    Other cells: chromophobes, phobia for stains

    The posterior pituitary is the site of release of the hypothalamic hormones: ADH antidiuretic hormone or vassopressin, and

    OXYTOCIN: affects the uterine smooth muslce. It increases the frequency and duration of uterine contractions. Towards the end of pregnancy, the oxytocin receptors increases, for obvious reasons.

    Closely related to the pituitary gland and connected by the infundibulum is the hypothalamas. Hormones produced here include: GRH, growth hormone releasing hormone, Somatostatin, Dopamine ( rigirl your old friend), Prolactin releasing factors, Thyrotropin releasing hormone, corticioripin releasing hormone,and Gonadotropin releasing hormone.

    So Nutso said, you need to know who is the MASTER, and who is not.

    Some final thoughts from E Nutso in his first message:

    "Although I do wonder if one might be able to survive without adrenaline if s/he lived in a sensory deprivation tank"

    By sensory deprivation tank, does rgirl mean a kind of vacuum with no external stimuli? As long as any human has her 5 senses, and a brain, there is practically no such thing as total sensory deprivation. Even if there are no external stimuli, there are internal stimuli, just ask the veterans who are experiencing the night mare and flashbacks of PTSD. Fear is not the only arousal that leads to the production of epinephrine (adrenal), and nor epinephrine (nor adrenaline). I wonder if rgirl is staying in an EXTERNAL sensory deprivation tank, and with her excellent memory, when she recalls some of the physics discourse given by Mathman here in GS, would that be enough of an arousal that will lead to the production of EPI, and NE. BTW, since EPI is the last step in the biosynthesis of catecholamine, and NE, is produced just one step prior to EPI, it is difficult to just talk about adrenaline (epinephrine), without also talking about noradrenaline (norepinephrine).

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    Re: Nutso to Rgirl

    Per Eltamina,
    Bravo! (assuming Nutso is a guy) Brava! (in case Nutso is a gal) Bravé! (in case Nutso is a hermaphrodyte). Nutso's post gets a both a standing O and the Big O from Rgirl in one fell swoop.

    I love it! Brings me back 20 years to my grad school days and study, study, study. And it also updated the info in my aged Guyton's "Physiology," some endocrinology textbook whose authors I can't remember, and the already mentioned Big Gray's.

    I just have one minor quibble re Nutso interpretation of my, "Adrenals! The master adapter gland! EEEEEEEEOOOOOOOH!"

    Note that I refer to those sexy glands as the master ADAPTER glands, adapter being the key word. Of course I am sexually attracted to the menage a trois of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and of course Rgirl is aware that the pituitary is the ultimate master gland. After all, it is the first gland one learns about in fourth or fifth grade. I think the misunderstanding comes from the fact that Nutso and Rgirl are writing about the endocrine system from two entirely different points of view and with very different goals. Nutso is writing scientific text with the goal, I believe, of conveying his/her/its wealth of knowledge on endocrinology. Rgirl is writing prose for the purpose of pleasure.

    As for "why choose the adrenals?" Rgirl cannot help but be attracted to the adrenal glands due to their sheer physical beauty upon dissection. Those squishy-looking little guys tucked into the deepest recesses of the posterior abdomine, cradled by the kidneys, protected by the spine. I first mentioned the adrenals in an attempt to begin my post with an authoritative, personally intimate, and assonantially aesthetic sentence. I returned to the adrenals in the sentence "...I may have to shoot my adrenals to put them out of their misery" according to the literary device used to reveal truth; i.e., in your beginning is your end.

    The "EEEEEEEEOOOOOOOH!" was the best way I could come up with to put onto the page, or I should say the screen, the sound of the inevitable climax following the prior sequencing of preorgasmic utterances.

    The adrenals are indeed the master adapter glands. Any time stress, whether it be fear, fun, or something in between presents itself to or is generated by the body or mind, it is the adrenals that must first jump into action. The adrenals are, if I may use this analogy, the 911 operators and emergency services combined. They must immediately respond to such things and alert the hypothalamus, which in turn alerts the pituitary. The adrenals must adapt to the introduction of synthetic hormone replacement therapy, natural hormonal changes, and so forth. Persons with weak adrenals who are put on, say, thyroid replacement therapy, may not be able to adapt and the result can be an acute attack of adrenal insufficiency. So, once again, the word "adapter" is key in this sentence and I'm surprised Nutso overlooked it.

    But Rgirl's point was not to write a thesis on the physiology of the endocrine system. Even Rgirl, who has been known to write posts so long they strain the posting program of the GS website, has no desire to go back to such writing. A master's thesis and enough studies published in scientific journals Rgirl penned in the '80s for nada mula cured her of that for life. But writing prose that uses the material from all those studies is still an adventure for Rgirl. Who would have guessed that in the context of erotic-anatomical writing that describing the adrenals as the "master adapter" would have such lovely assonance and an erotic undertone. Such things are just stumbled upon when one follows the writing rules of consecution in service of chaos.

    Thus it would appear that Nutso assumed the post was an attempt to present detailed scientific information on the workings of the adrenals in conjunction with the entire endocrine system, when in fact it was Rgirl's objectification of the adrenals in service of prose memoir with a few scientific facts thrown in. In other words, the post was an exercise in aesthetics, sensuality, and erotica, not science.

    However, my joy was boundless when I read the teeming accuracy of Nutso's textbook descriptions of the endocrine system, both on the orginal thread and here. More! More! I'll take it all! Such accurate descriptions have long since either left or become hidden in Rgirl's severely globally hypoperfusioned brain. Sure I could pick up my old textbooks and reread them, but it is always so much more enjoyable to read them from a new author.

    Write on, Nutso! Write on!

    Who knows?! A word or phrase in one of your sentences may serve as the object from which the greatest literary work since "Journey to the End of the Night" springs from Rgirl's underbloodflowed brain.

    I thank you Nutso, my adrenals thank you, and my entire being thanks you. But now, coincidences of all coincidences, Jenna Jameson is being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly so I must depart. But please, keep offering your knowledge to my inbox. It is insatiable.
    Thankfully and Hormonally Yours,
    PS Perhaps Nutso should consider writing a text and getting it published. NUTSO'S ENDOCRINOLOGY would be a big seller, I'm sure!

    Edit #1: My apologies to those posters who are posting true skating literature in this file, and also to the readers expecting same. I don't know why Nutso chose this folder to address me with his/her/its endocrinological pyrotechnics (hey, I was impressed), but as such, I had to respond in this folder. The only saving grace I can offer is that there is at least discussion of the elements of writing prose within this post. See Edit #2 for potential relief from this misuse of the skating literature folder.

    Edit #2: Now that Bill O'Reilly's interview with Jenna Jameson is over, as well as Part 2 of Anna Nicole Smith's appearance on the "Howard Stern Show" (hey, how about that hula hoop make-out session between Benjie and Anna Nicole for an educational experience), I am satiated enough to remember to tell Nutso and all that August is another hibernation month for Rgirl. This year the hibernation season might even last well into the fall--I don't know if I can take what will surely be wails of pain from the withdrawal of Michelle Kwan from the Grand Prix series in posts on GS. Perhaps some forward thinking person could set up a "Michelle Withdrawal Therapy Center" on GS in anticipation of this problem. In any case, it's already almost August 2 and Rgirl's got to transform herself in Rgzzzzzzl and get her hibernation going. And Nutso, don't give up the writing on the endocrine system or any bodily system for that matter just because I'm gone (the gut is a blast, in my experience). Sweet dreams, y'all. |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I

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    Re: Nutso to rgirl

    “I don't know why Nutso chose this folder to address me”

    rgirl, actually, I am the one who chose this folder. rgirl Nutso email his messages to me to be forward to you. I have no idea whether he wrote about real science or fiction that was a bit of a dilemma for me, which folder to post? Then I remember from the Stormy Nights series, here at literature that you have post the pathophysiology of stress and the adrenal glands? So I thought why not follow the leader rgirl and deposit Nutso’s messages here.


    "Burn-out" is a true physiologic condition where the adrenal glands and other autonomic systems take over to try to force the body to take the rest it needs

    Since I do not know any science stuff, I can not tell Nutso’s pyrotechnics on Adrenals from yours, I decided it should be safe to put it here. Nutso’s messages to you are always carefully measured to match the length of your messages here at GS. I know there is this etiquette at GS, that out of due respect to rgirl, no message should be as long as or longer than yours. I consulted a friend who is a statistic ACE, and he recommended that I edit Nutso’s message to a length that is about 2 standard deviation less than your mean message length.

    I received another email this am, from Nutso that was sent to you. He talked about the 4 reflex arcs of the hypothalamas. He talked about the stress -> hypothalamus -> (adrenocorticotropin releasing factors) pituitary -> (ACTH) pituitary glands -> (cortisol) target organs, e.g liver to increase glucose and then (cortisol) feed back to hypothalamus in a complicated feedback loop. He talked about the alpha, and beta receptors for EPI, and NE, adrenalcortical insufficiency, and he even mentioned Viagara (Sidenafil). Since you are going into August hibernation, and my statistic consultant is taking a vacation, I don’t think I will be posting the second message from Nutso here anytime soon.

    I believe Nutso must have became a rgirl fan by reading Stress -> Adrenaline pathophysiology from the storm night messages, he said he was inspired. BTW, Nutso said, his favorite organ is the brain. Cold Chinadoll news agency just promoted/ demoted him for a music assignment, something about the Panharmonicon invented by Maezel and Beethoven’s Wellington’s Victory symphony. What a coincidence that he is away for this music assignment, and rgirl is going into August hibernation.

    About your idea of a therapy center:

    Perhaps some forward thinking person could set up a "Michelle Withdrawal Therapy Center" on GS in anticipation of this problem.

    Now, rigirl why do you keep ignoring Sasha, Sasha, Sasha, and keep thinking about the Kwanics and Michelle. As a Sasha fanatic, I still haven’t recovered form her loss in Jr world 2000, if there is ever going to be a therapy center here at GS, I vote for a “Sasha WUZ robbed” therapy center first.

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    Re: Rgirl to "Nutso"

    Hey, Eltamina, I'm just waitin' for the word from you on startin' in on you with that "broad brush," babe. You know my beeper number. Anytime, day or night.

    But I didn't realize you were from a foreign land, i.e., "rgirl Nutso email his messages to me to be forward to you."

    As per: "Then I remember from the Stormy Nights series, here at literature that you have post the pathophysiology of stress and the adrenal glands? So I thought why not follow the leader rgirl and deposit Nutso’s messages here. Remember? 'Burn-out is a true physiologic condition where the adrenal glands and other autonomic systems take over to try to force the body to take the rest it needs.'"

    Why, yes,'s coming back to me...I DO remember! What a milestone for me! THANK you, Eltamina! But I'm afraid you misinterpreted my reference to "burn-out." Now that I realize that you are not fluent in English, I understand why you misinterpret so much of what is posted on GS. You see, Eltamina, in English, we often write a definition of something in either general or specific terms, or both, without meaning that we are speaking about ourselves as the object of that definition. To put it into words you may perhaps be able to understand, we can speak about a condition without actually HAVING the condition. Perhaps things are different where you come from. From what I can surmise of your culture from your posts, where you come from, you have to be a jerk in order to define a jerk.

    As for "Nutso's" endocrinology: I always find it useful to go back and review Endocrinology 101, whomever posts the material. Thank you again. Tell "Nutso" s/he is most kind to put all that time and effort into refreshing my memory.

    Re your idea of a "Sasha WUZ Robbed Therapy Center": Since you openly share your obsession with Sasha, I think it would be a GREAT idea for you, Eltamina, to open the first and only "Sasha WUZ Robbed Therapy Center" here at GS. Even if I was concerned with this issue, not that I find it frivolous or unnecessary (if YOU find it necessary, Eltamina, then it IS necessary), I'm afraid I will not have the time to put effort into such an endeavor. The "Anna Nicole Smith Show" begins this Sunday on the E! channel (refer to Jules Asner if you are not familiar with our American E! channel, Eltamina), all my free time will be taken up by watching Anna Nicole's life as it happens and studying her words of wisdom; i.e., Anna Nicole on etiquette, "So I swallow, so? So what if I swallow?" I'm pretty well-versed on Mr. Osbourne and his family now, and have long since become quite familiar with the history of Howard Stern, but Anna Nicole is a new area if research for me, so I am sure you can understand my need to devote myself. Actually, if I were you, Eltamina, I'd forget about Sasha, Michelle, Sarah, and all those little inexperienced figure skaters and turn your attention to some really useful information about life from Anna Nicole and the others I've mentioned. You sure sound like you need it.

    As I said before, it's past my hibernation time, not to mention my bedtime, so, buh-bye and sweet dreams,
    :evil: |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I |I :evil:

    PS The hibernation does not negate my previous offer re the "broad brush," Elta, baby. Like I said, any time.

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    Freddy the Pig 2

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    Re: Rgirl to "Nutso"

    As you can see from the other threads in this folder, it is my mission to get in the last word on every topic. Hence:

    Did you know that in many cultures the adrenal glands of the boar are considered a culinary delicacy, prized especially for their aphrodisiacal properties? This brings to mind the classic Haiku by the seventh century Japanese warrior-poet Midori “Three-Ax" Ito:

    Pearls of wisdom drop
    Like endocrine secretions.
    Sasha or Michelle?


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