Eltamina¡'s dislcaimer: E Nutso, the science correspondence of the "cold chinadoll " news agency sends me messages to be related to rgirl. I am not responsible for the accuracy of the content. I don't know which folder these messages should be post, so I choose to deposit them here in literature. Who knows, maybe E Nutso is really writing fiction, since I am not a science type, and don't really know what he is talking about.

The first message has a title: Who is Master and who is Not (Slave)

E Nutso (not Nutsa) told me that it was prompted by rgirl's :

Adrenals! The master adapter gland! EEEEEEEEOOOOOOOH!

Imagine the pituitary gland/ hypothalamus unit takes on a life of its own, it will probably tell rgirl, "I am the MASTER (gland), don't you dare ignore me, why such fascination with the adrenal gland. BTW, you won't have a drop of cortisol without me, the PITITUARY, the true MASTER"

E. Nutso went on to things he calls gross anatomy, microanatomy, endocrinology. Rgirl, I hope you understand, I sure do not.

According to E Nutso

Background Neuroendocrinology: Brain endocrine interactions

The hypothalamus and pituitary unit exerts CONTROL over several endocrine glands - ADRENALS, thyroid, and gonads for a wide range of physiologic activities.

Nerve cells ->endocrine cells communication may be characterized by secretion of chemical mesengers (neurotransmitters or hormones), and electrical activities. The communication may occur by 4 mechanisms
1._ _ _ _ Synaptic junctions : neural communication, consider the sympathetic innervations to the adrenal medulla a modified synaptic junction.
2._ _ _ _ Circulating hormones : endocrine communications
3._ _ _ _ Messengers that diffuse in the interstitial fluid to adjacent target cells : paracrine communication
4._ _ _ _ Messengers that act on self - autocrine

E Nutso proceeded to talk about and anatomy, embryology, and blood supply of the pituitary gland, rgirl, unless you really want to read it, I will skip posting.

The only thing that is interesting to me is that the pituitary is cradled by the sella turcica. The sella turcica (Turk's saddle) is a saddlelike part of the sphenoid bone of the cranial fossae. There are 3 parts : Tuberculum sellae, and olive shaped swelling anterior, Hypophyseal fossa, a saddlelike depression for the hypophysis (pituitary gland), in the middle, and Dorsum sellae (back of the saddle) posteriorly.

Rgirl, what do you do with olives and saddles?

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Microanatomy of the pituitary

Anterior pituitary cells are classified by their secretory products:

Somatotrophs, the Growth hormone secreting cells. They are acidophilic in standard hematoxylin and eosiin preparation.

Lactotrophs: Prolactin secreting cell is also acidophilic

Thyrotrophs: Thyroid stimulating hormone secreting cells, are basophilic

Gonadotrophs: Luteinizing hormone, and Follicle stimulating hormone, they are basophilic

CORTICOTROPHS: Adrenotrocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), secreted by basophilic cells. ACTH regulates the zona fasciculata and reticularis.

Other cells: chromophobes, phobia for stains

The posterior pituitary is the site of release of the hypothalamic hormones: ADH antidiuretic hormone or vassopressin, and

OXYTOCIN: affects the uterine smooth muslce. It increases the frequency and duration of uterine contractions. Towards the end of pregnancy, the oxytocin receptors increases, for obvious reasons.

Closely related to the pituitary gland and connected by the infundibulum is the hypothalamas. Hormones produced here include: GRH, growth hormone releasing hormone, Somatostatin, Dopamine ( rigirl your old friend), Prolactin releasing factors, Thyrotropin releasing hormone, corticioripin releasing hormone,and Gonadotropin releasing hormone.

So Nutso said, you need to know who is the MASTER, and who is not.

Some final thoughts from E Nutso in his first message:

"Although I do wonder if one might be able to survive without adrenaline if s/he lived in a sensory deprivation tank"

By sensory deprivation tank, does rgirl mean a kind of vacuum with no external stimuli? As long as any human has her 5 senses, and a brain, there is practically no such thing as total sensory deprivation. Even if there are no external stimuli, there are internal stimuli, just ask the veterans who are experiencing the night mare and flashbacks of PTSD. Fear is not the only arousal that leads to the production of epinephrine (adrenal), and nor epinephrine (nor adrenaline). I wonder if rgirl is staying in an EXTERNAL sensory deprivation tank, and with her excellent memory, when she recalls some of the physics discourse given by Mathman here in GS, would that be enough of an arousal that will lead to the production of EPI, and NE. BTW, since EPI is the last step in the biosynthesis of catecholamine, and NE, is produced just one step prior to EPI, it is difficult to just talk about adrenaline (epinephrine), without also talking about noradrenaline (norepinephrine).