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Thread: In search of some Torvill&Dean stuff

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    In search of some Torvill&Dean stuff

    I found this Forum after all, whew, please excuse my english, I'm from germany.

    I really like all of ice-skating, but (of course) Torvill Dean are my heroes, just like they are for nearly every middle aged woman like me I know .

    7 years ago, I moved into another flat and made a horrible mistake, my video tapes ended in the trashbin. Since then, I bought alot of the official T&D videos available, but I still miss two pieces.

    1984 Olympics/World Championships, Exhibition: "Bolero" and "From this Moment on".
    The Encore "From this moment on" is my absolute favorite ice skating ever, and this is the one I can't find anywhere. I do have the European Competition version of the same year, but that one pales (imho) compared to the fabulous show they did here.

    And while I remember what they did very good, I am now not so sure if I am talking about their Olympic EX or the World championships . I remember that my Video had the date "27th March 1984" written on it and the Olympics were earlier that year. So, I'm looking for both now.

    1994 Olympics, History Of Love II - Rhumba Original Dance

    So if anyone does have these in PAL or on DVD (I know this is difficult), I would really like to hear from you.

    Thanks for reading this.

    My e-mail addy is
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