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Thread: double gold (long)

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    double gold (long)

    Double Gold

    They take the stage in artificial light
    In costumes drab in costumes tight
    A competition very fiercely fought
    Between two top teams who will fall short
    Of winning gold or being second best.
    The contest starts this is the test.

    The athletes work with all their heart
    A superb performance from the start.
    By dubious decisions the Russians were unseated.
    Last time they met they were defeated.
    But now the Canadians are looking fine
    It’s close but they should win this time.

    The large home crowd begins to roar
    The decision is not what they hoped for
    Suddenly a judge comes clean and does confess
    She was pressured into hopelessness
    To have the Russians take the gold
    And she had to do what she was told

    But her story changes she judged with her heart
    Although it was hard to have both teams apart
    She wouldn’t do what was expected
    By those in charge and well connected
    It seems pressure has been applied many times before
    Judges are often told how they must score

    But if it is cheating don’t tell the ISU
    They don’t want to know cos what to do?
    It’s something they have ignored and condoned
    When previously people have complained and groaned
    But the Olympic committee does not like this mess
    Of injustice and cheating broadcast by a powerful press

    Rogge intervenes and has his say
    Fix this problem in a day
    Because it could cost money this corruption thing
    And sponsorship dollars are the important thing.
    He is not happy he is mad
    Olympic cheats are really bad

    A meeting is held behind closed doors
    With talons out and open claws
    Comes an attack upon the face
    Of the one believed to have caused the disgrace
    The accusations start, to make it short.
    A witch hunt starts in the kangaroo court

    No rule is there to decide and protect
    The hidden mentors of the elite elect
    So they decide to give a second gold
    Unaware of what problems will unfold.
    A rush decision a trifle rash
    Designed to stop the ebb of cash

    The Russians throughout this corrupt dispute
    Publicly stay silent remaining mute
    Implied as cheats they still refrain
    Like in last years worlds they don’t complain
    If they are not upset they must pretend
    Cos by a biased press they have been condemned

    Though there are two gold medals no-one has won
    Since this erupted since this begun
    Both teams are tainted both teams have lost
    To appease a problem what has been the cost
    To be considered a winger considered a cheat
    Neither party at fault both suffer defeat

    Still both teams feel they have won-the gold was theirs
    It could have gone either way with these great pairs.
    Now comes the change to the result that was called
    Leaving half the World totally appalled
    The other half think the decision great
    For the finally enquiry they still must wait.

    So what do you do if the umpire is a cheat?
    Smile graciously and accept defeat
    Or scream and shout and create a fuss
    Insist the winner should be us
    Change the placings change the score
    Disregard what chaos may ensure

    And what if the umpire was correct
    What happens then in retrospect?
    Should the results then be changed again?
    Should the athletes take the strain?
    Of knowing how they perform will not count
    It’s politics that’s paramount.


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    Re: double gold (long)

    Wow! Bravo, Beccles.


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