I am starting a MK Mystery, just starting it mind you. It stars Michelle Kwan, Alexei Yagudin, the US team and Russian team. I'm thinking of starting it and letting others add on to it. Here goes:

It was in the middle of August in Washington DC. The humid weather stopped abruptly at the door of the MCI arena. The presidents of the United States and Russia were seated together in the stands awaiting the start of the US/Russia Friendship Competition.

Six months ago such a competition seemed a doubtful event. There was acrimony at the Olympics. Accusations had flown back and forth of cheating and corruption. Today however, all parties wanted to move forward. Not only was a skating competition planned, but for the first time, selected treasures from the Hermitage were on display at the National Museum of Art.
Prize among these was the statue of The Bronze Horseman. The filigree and craftsmanship was such that had not been seen until the Renaissance, yet it was 10,000 years old. How it was created was an enigma.

The competition was set up so that both a Russian and an American would win the competiotion. An American skater or skating team was paired with a Russian skater or skating team. An industrialist even set a $1,000,000 purse for each winner.

Michelle Kwan was pleasantly suprised at finding that her "team mate" was Alexei Yagudin. She practiced her new Short Program with confidence. The music, choreography, and jumps were different than anything she had attempted before. That Irina and Sarah Hughes also had new programs made her even more eager for the competition.

The audience was apppreciative of all the teams. However, it was evident that they had come to see the Ladies Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists. They did not disappoint. They and their teams were in a virtual tie at the end of the first evenings of Short programs.

During the press conference, the teams fielded questions. Alexei Yagudin was suddenly tapped on the shoulder and abruptly escorted out of the building. The skating teams were curious.

Michelle was startled and frazzled. She turned on the Late Night News. The anchor sonorously stated,"The Bronze Horseman, one of the rare art treasures of the Hermitage Display has been stolen from the National Museum of Art!" A camera panned on the display room with broken glass of the showcase. "The Olympic Mens Figure Skating Champion Alexei Yagudin is being held for questioning!".