I'm surprised that this wasn't posted earlier but in IFS, there was a blurb that Katarina is releasing a book on October 15th (or something like that) that she collaberated on with E.M. Swift (the guy who did My Sergei). The format of the book appears to be exactly like the format of Nadia Comaneci's book , Letters to a Young Gymnast, where Katarina will answer the questions of a young skater (or composite of a young skater) and will deal with issues such as competiton and men and sex (I'm sure this skater must be older than 13 ).

There seems to be a lot of hope that a book by Kat can attract men as well as ladies to buy it (maybe if there were lots of photos). Either way, I'm looking forward to this book as Katarina has lived and experienced a lot in her career and personal life and doesn't seem to hold anything back. It should be a great read.