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Thread: A Michelle Kwan Mystery

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    A Michelle Kwan Mystery

    "Ambassador To Danger"
    A Michelle Kwan Mystery
    Chapter One : "Skating Diplomacy

    "O.k., so let me get this straight."said Michelle,"After tonights performance, you guys accompany me to the dressing room where I meet the daughter of the president of ...?
    "Rajikastan". said the tall blond agent seriously.
    "It's a small but significant new ally in Central Asia" added the gray haired one.
    "So, I sign a few autographs, say a few nice things and that's it." Michelle laughed."Piece of cake!"
    "Perhaps," the same agent added."it all depends."
    "Depends on what?" Michelle asked incredulously.
    A tall, attractive, female agent piped in. "As we said Ms. Kwan, Rajikastan is an important new ally,our President
    and the state dept. feel that while the President of this country and his family are here in the US, the next few days we should be at
    their disposal."
    "Does we include?..."
    "Yes Ms Kwan, "she added "Neesha is very enamored of you and she's also as they say," Daddy's Little Girl"."
    Making a good impression on her could help lead to an important strategic alliance between our 2 countries."
    "It sounds so serious" Michelle said.
    "It is very serious." the gray haired one added.
    In spite of the pressure about her "mission", Michellle was suddenly very upbeat. Tonights show wasn't a competition after all, and the idea of serving her country made her feel proud.
    Carrying the usual bouquets as she walked off the ice, she was suddenly surrounded by the same group she had met earlier. "Wow, Secret Service escort." Michelle smiled at a tall cute one with a radio plug in his ear. He winked back and then quickly turned serious.
    Down the stairs they went. Coming toward them was another similar entourage. Suddenly from out of a group of mostly large men stepped a small, dark girl about 12 years old. She was holding a bouquet of dark , red roses that looked bigger than she was.
    "I'm most honored to meet you." she said in perfect English as she bowed and handed the roses to Michelle.
    "I hope you enjoyed the show." Michelle said kindly.
    "You were magnificent as always. " the girl responded.
    Michelle blushed. Somehow the adulation of this unusual little girl was quite moving.
    "My name is Neesha, daughter of the President." she said graciously.
    "Your President told my father that we could have a skating lesson?" Neesha added with a question.
    Michelle was taken aback. She looked at the many stern faces surrounding them. She knew she could only say one thing in response. "Oh yes, the President. Sure we can have a skating lesson." she laughed
    "So this evening, here on the ice." Neesha added.
    "Hey, I'm tired!"Michelle wanted to say, but couldn't.
    Slightly annoyed at the agents surrounding them, Michelle decided to take charge.
    "Look , "she said firmly to the group surrounding them. "You need to get out of the way and let us put on some practice clothes. You're blocking the door to my dressing room."
    They all nodded and backed away quickly like a swarm of insects.
    Inside, Michelle quickly peeled off her tight, clingy, white costume and stepped into a pair of old gray sweats. She handed a similar pair to Neesha who had still not broken her adoring smile. Nedless to say, Neesha had brought her own skates.
    On the ice, Michelle was suprised to notice that Neesha's warm up excercises looked like those of a serious skater.
    Neesha mimicked Michelles simple moves perfectly but became a little awkward when the difficulty level increased. Still, all in all, she had the potential to be a competetive skater.
    "So you've been skating since...", Michelle began.
    "Since I could walk." was the quick reply.
    "Does your country have a skating team?" Michelle wondered.
    "Not yet, but soon I hope. " Neesha beamed back.
    Michelle could see that Neesha was in heaven. She had probably waited years for this meeting. And though the whole thing was inconvenient, she was happy for the young girl.
    As Michelle pointed her head upward, something caught her eye. It was was an object falling rapidly down toward the ice. Down toward Neesha. In a quick reflex, Michelle lunged toward the girl, pushing her out of the way as a large lighting fixture crashed down next to them on the ice.
    Suddenly there was panic all around. A tall, muscular woman jumped across the ice covering Neesha with her body. Radios blasted, people shoved and in a flash everyone was off the ice.
    Heading down toward the locker room, Neesha walked covered by the arms of the large woman, obviously her bodyguard.
    "Oh Michelle," Neesha shouted suddenly regaining her composure. "Let me introduce you to my closest friend. This is my protector, Tahmeana."
    Putting her hand out to Michelle, she smiled. "I'm most honored." she said in an accent.
    "Thank you for watching out for Neesha." she added.
    "Yeah, that's supposed to be your job Tahmeana isn't it?" laughed Neesha.
    The weirdest thing to Michelle was how quickly everything seemed to turn to normal again.
    Neesha turned to her bodyguard saying plainly in front of Michelle. "Do you think we can ask Michelle to go to the ranch with us this weekend?"
    "Oh Neesha," she said sounding like a mother."Ms Kwan has been so kind with her time already. We couldn't ask her to do any more."
    "But it would be so much fun!" Neesha insisted. "You do like horseback riding don't you Michelle?" she begged "and there's going to be a big party in the evening. It's a western theme. We all get to pretend to be cowboys.. oh I mean cowgirls." she laughed.
    Michelle didn't know what to say. Suddenly from behind she felt a hand on her shoulder and heard a familiar pleasant woman's voice. "It's more than a big party," the voice whispered to Michelle. It's an important reception honoring Neesha's father. It's being held on the ranch of a friend of mine. You could do your country a great service by attending."
    Turning around Michelle could see it was the state's governor who she had met before and admired.
    "We can ride horses all day and party all night!" Neesha exclaimed.
    Again, Michelle realized she'd have to accept. It might even be fun she thought.
    "Of course. I'd love to go." was her automatic response.
    Walking out toward the parking lot, Michelle encountered some of the agents she had met before. "Do you think that light falling was really an accident? " she asked politely.
    They all heard her question, but no one answered.

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    Chapter 2 Home on the Range

    Chapter 2: Home On The Range
    The next morning Michelle was picked up from her hotel by a black limo with 2 of the same agents she had met before. After about an hours drive they came to the ranch which was far from the main road in a very secluded area.
    She packed an overnight bag with lots of pre-signed photos to hand out. She was going to have fun she insisted and she didn't want to spend her time signing autographs. She also carried a complete western wardrobe. A matching blue denim outfit for her horseback riding and some sexy cowgirl chic for the party that night.
    The ranch house was an enourmous two story mansion apparently owned by a wealthy industrialist with political connections. Aside from the security personnel milling about, it was completely empty when she entered. Or, so she thought . She was directed to a huge dining area where Neesha sat eating breakfast with her father."Please join us." motioned the President of Rajikistan. She sat for a pleasant breakfast chat and was surprised at how normal everything appeared. Normal except for the agents posted at all the doors and windows.
    "I would like to thank you Miss Kwan, for giving your time." Neesha's father said respectfully."But more importantly for saving my Neesha's life last night.
    "Oh, it was just a strange accident." Michelle smiled, not really believing herself.
    "Strange, yes." he replied." But an accident. Perhaps not." He then broke into a broad smile. "Why don't you two ladies get out and ride now. Your horses are waiting and Tahmeana will accompany you."
    Tahmeana entered the room also smiling. "Don't worry Neesha ." she said. "I'll stay far enough behind you. I know you want your privacy."
    The three all walked out toward the barn dressed in blue jeans and wearing Stetson hats to keep out the bright sun in what was sure to be a perfect day.
    Michelle noticed as they saddled up that Neesha seemed quite accustomed to horses. "In my counrty everyone rides." she explained." That is, all the men do. Sometimes women are restricted in Rajikastan. But I hope to change that."
    "Good for you." Michelle encouraged her as they slowly trotted out into the morning sun.
    Feeling more at ease, Neesha began to speak more about her homeland. "You see my country has been ruled by fanatics, warlords and criminals for so long that people like my father are trying to rebuild it. Our real culture is not primitive or ignorant." she went on . "My parents have taught me the truth."
    Michelle was impressed by Neesha's convictions and intelligence.
    "Do you think I'm rich and spoiled?" she asked Michelle.
    "Of course not", Michelle responded suprised by the question.
    "Well I'll tell you." she continued. "My family isn't rich. We're just well educated, that's all. For this reason my father is respected by many but also hated by some.
    "I'm sure he's a good man." Michelle said. "And I think you and your father are both very heroic."
    "Oh, but Michelle, YOU are my heroine!" Neesha insisted.
    "I really admire you." Michelle said sincerely.
    "Can we admire each other ?" Neesha laughed.
    "Why not?" Michelle smiled back.
    The pair spent the rest of the day peacefully riding through the meadow, occasionally sprinting and racing along the level parts of the trail. It was a glorious and relaxing morning.
    As they approached the ranch house it was now bustling with activity. Police cars, trucks, vans and limos were all beginning to arrive. Michelle was glad that the last few hours were spent in relative privacy.
    Michelle returned to her own room while Neesha walked back to the room she shared with Tahmeana next door.
    Michelle realized that there was only two places she wanted to spend the next few hours. In that giant tub in her room and then on the big luxurious bed.
    Coming Soon! Chapter 3: A Dangerous Discovery

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    Chapter 3 A Dangerous Discovery

    Chapter 3: A Dangerous Discovery

    After a short nap in her long, comfy bathrobe, Michelle got up and started dressing. Taking her western gear out of her bag she thought about the coming festivities; great barbeque and a real live country and western band. It was going to be lots of fun. She put on the loose white blouse and the brown leather vest. Yes, the matching leather mini-skirt was kind of short, she thought but, after all, this wasn't Rajikastan. Michelle was glad that she finally had a chance to put on her new high leather boots. They were soft on top with big, thick, heavy heels. They were a little clumsy to wear but they matched the skirt and vest perfectly. Tying a folded red bandana snugly aroun her neck, Michelle looked at herself in the large mirror. "Absolute Chinese cowgirl." she laughed to herself.
    Looking at the clock she saw it was seven thirty. With the party set to begin at eight, she thought she had better go next door and give Neesha the bracelet she had promised her while they were riding.
    There was no one outside for a change. That was a relief. She noticed Neesha's door was ajar. "Dare I go in?"Michelle wondered. "Why not? I'll suprise her." she said to herself.
    It was unusually quiet inside. Maybe Neesha had gone done already, Michelle figured. Then suddenly from the bedroom in back she heard a person shouting. Gently lifting her boots she headed toward the door. She saw Tahmeana with her back turned.
    "Yes tonight.! It must be tonight!" Tahmeana insisted. "One explosion should get rid of them all. That cowardly little President, his American benefactors and that annoying little Neesha who I've grown so tired of."
    Michelle couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had stumble across a horrendous plot and who was behind it but Neesha's most trusted companion.
    She treaded carefully out toward the door again raising her boots high with each step when suddenly Tahmeana burst out of the bedroom. "You!" she glared at Michelle. "How did you get in here?"
    "The door was open, I uh.....just walked in ." Michelle countered nervously. "I just wanted to give Neesha this bracelet I promised her."
    Tahmeana scowled pulling the bracelet from Michelle's hand. "Neesha's not here. " she said somewhat calmer. "She's with her father. I'll see that she gets it."
    What to do now? Michelle wondered, her heart pounding. There was no one in the hallway again. Should she run downstairs screaming? she thought. "No, I need to speak with security, American security." she concluded. She quickly ran into her room carefully locking and bolting the door behind her. Picking up the phone, she took a few deep breaths and began to think of what she would say. She dialed the emergency phone at the front desk and it began to ring...and ring. It rang about ten times until finally a woman's voice answered. "Hello, front desk. " a woman said cheerfully.
    "Hi, Michelle whispered softly when suddenly a hand clasped over her mouth and a strong arm grabbed her from behind around the waist. The strong arm held a small pistol. Michelle struggled and tried to scream but realizing her assailant was armed , she decided to cease resitisng.
    Coming Soon!!
    Chapter Four: Captive for Terror

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    Re: Chapter 3 A Dangerous Discovery

    Mr., Miss or Mrs. Buzz, greetings:

    What a remarkable tale! Give me a moment to catch my breath. You have taken us on a dizzying ride. Poor Michelle! How will it all turn out?

    May I be so bold as to put you in touch with my agents, the publishers of The Strand magazine?

    Faithfully yours,

    John Watson, M.D.

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    Re: Chapter 3 A Dangerous Discovery

    Hi there, Buzzerooni --

    Let me introduce myself. I'm Mathman, literary agent extraordinaire. The 444 after my name refers to my percentage, 44.4%.

    Having seen your talent as a writer, how's about I represent you as your publicist? I can get you 1.5 mil from Simon and Schuster, how's that sound, eh? (Don't listen to Watson, he's just trying to steal you from me. Anyway, the Strand is extinct.) I know everybody in the business, and I'm not above pulling off a shady backroom deal or two on behalf of my clients.

    Just ask my other client on this board, Piel. She has only mediocre talent, but I delivered both the Super-Platinum Oskate and the Triple Gold Michelle Tweaking Award for her.

    Eagerly awaiting the rest of the story,


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    Great story

    Thanks, when will you post the next chapter.

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    Chapter 4 Captive for Terror

    Thanks for your comments.
    Here's some more.

    Chapter 4: Captive for Terror
    Before Michelle could barely take a breath, a cloth was pulled over her open mouth and tied tightly behind her head. Next, she was pushed down on the carpet and while her wrists were tied quickly but tightly behind her. She moaned through the gag while she was grabbed by the arms and pulled up to a standing position. As she stood, she could see the wide open window through which her attacker had entered. She could also see herself standing in the mirror, gagged with a white bandana, while a figure in black pushed her from behind. "I'll have to take you back to my room." the figure whispered. It was unmistakably Tahmeana.
    Michelle couldn't believe what was happening next. With the pistol pointing in her back she was led out the door to the room next door. "Where are all those security people?" she wondered frantically. After just a few steps she was pushed into the next room.
    Pulled over to a couch, Michelle sat squirming and pleading through her gag as Tahmeana calmly took out her cell phone and began dialing. "Yes, perfect." she growed. "Well...almost perfect." she growled."There was one minor problem, Michelle Kwan! Yes THE Michelle Kwan! She accidentally overheard our plan. Don't worry, I've taken care of her. Now what do you think. Should we kidnap her or just let her blow up with the others?
    Michelle couldn't believe that her fate was being decided in a casual phone call.
    "Yes, me too." Tahmeana said. "Too much trouble.
    Michelle realized what their decision was and began to protest loudly and more emphatically through her gag. She was soon sorry she did. Tahmeana untied the bandana around Michelle's neck, folded it neatly and used it to tie another gag over the existing one silencing her completely. She then took out more cord and began tying Michelles booted ankles and her knees below her skirt together. "There that's much better." she said.
    Tahmeana then lit up a cigarette and began to calmly tell Michelle about the plan.
    "You see pretty lady" she said. "it's a shame your government didn't tell you about the power struggle in Rajikistan. How cowardly do-nothings like our President are trying to make us the puppets of the big powerful countries like yours. Now you know how they'll all be in for a big surprise when this little device under the couch teaches them all a lesson. I'm really very sorry you had to get involved. You know, I'm kind of a fan of yours too but this is the only way now , I'm afraid."
    "Do you think anyone will wonder where you are? Well, I could tell just them I have you bound and gagged in the closet. Of course they'd laugh since I'm one of the Presidents most "trusted" aides. "What I'll say is simply that you were called out for some business. I'll tell Neesha you'll try to be back before nine." Tahmeana then pulled Michelle up by the arms. "We musn't keep that closet waiting. " she said wickedly. Michelle was dragged to the small tight closet and dumped inside.
    Sitting on the floor of the dark closet, Michelle was now resigned to her fate. At least a big explosion will be over quickly she thought. It probably won't hurt much. And though she never won that gold medal, her life had already been more exciting and interesting than most people could ever dream of.
    Meanwhile downstairs.
    "Have you seen Michelle, Tahmeana?" Neesha asked.
    "Oh, I'm so sorry to tell you dear, she was called away for some meeting about skating business. She said she'd try to be back by nine."
    "I hope she returns." Neesha said. "I'd love to have her meet my other friends later.
    "Don't worry dear." Tahmeana smiled. "I don't think she'll be tied up for long."

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    Chapter 5 Countdown to Disaster

    From her dark prison, Michelle could hear loud music and laughter from downstairs. "Even if I could work my gags loose," she thought, "no one could probably hear me scream." " And these ropes are so tight!" she thought, I can't even try to move." The closet was so small, Michelle tried but couldn't even begin stand herself up.
    She kicked at the door with her boots in disgust. Suddenly, it dawned on her.
    "Maybe I can kick my way out?" she wondered.
    Imagining herself in her gym at home, Michelle thought about leg excercises. She knew that her legs were strong. Could she do it? She tried a kick again. Then another. Though it was a thick door, she could feel it bend slightly. Her ankles and knees tied together actually helped create a single, strong force. She also realizd that her heavy bottomed boots were an asset. Michelle imagined herself a human battering ram. "Thank God I wore these." she thought.Her heart began pounding with each blow only this time it wasn't fear, it was exhilarartion. "C'mon girl!"she said to herself. Push after push and finally the door cracked open. She paused for a moment. "Hooray!" she shouted beneath her gags, though it sounded more like a faint, little "hmmph!". Another few kicks and the crack was now a gaping hole. She kicked around the edges of it and stuck her still tied, booted legs out. Squirming through the hole she was suddenly free. Or was she? "I'm still tied up and gagged." she realized lying on the carpet. But she tried, and eventually did stand herself up. Taking a chance, she hopped forward. A few more hops and she was at the door. Doing a reverse jump, she put one of her bound hands to the doorknob and ........ a miracle! It opened!
    Michelle took no time to think how crazy a hopping, bound and gagged woman would look, so she continued jump after jump toward the top of the elegant staircase. Beneath her was a noisy group of partygoers who suddenly fell silent seeing her. "Look!" one of them shouted, pointing at Michelle.
    Neesha ran out of the crowd toward Michelle. "Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed untying the gags around Michelle's mouth. "What happened?"
    "What time is it?" Michelle gasped.
    "But what ..." Neesha started.
    The silent crowd quickly became hysterical, running and pushing toward the doors.
    "It's five minutes to nine." Neesha said calmly untying the difficult knots around Michelle's wrists, knees and ankles. "Don't worry, we'll both get out of here."
    As Neesha helped her friend down the stairs and out the door an agent approached them.
    "Do you know where in the room the bomb is?" he said
    "Under the couch." Michelle replied.
    Security people led the crowd in a brisk walk away from the building while sirens and walkie-talkies blared loudly.
    Suddenly a voice shouted over a megaphone. "Bomb defused!" All clear!"
    Neesha and Michelle embraced each other as the crowd burst into applause. It was a more welcome applause than any Michelle had heard in a long time.
    Neesha froze as she watched Tahmeana being led to a car in handcuffs. She began to cry.
    "It hurts so much to lose a friend." she sobbed to Michelle.
    Putting her arm around the girl Michelle comforted her. "But doesn't it feel great to make a new friend?" she added.
    "A true friend?" Neesha asked looking directly at Michelle.
    "A true friend forever." Michelle added patting Neesha's back.

    Well, That's all folks? Whaddya think?

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    Re: Chapter 5 Countdown to Disaster

    Great story. Bravo! More, more!

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    Re: Chapter 5 Countdown to Disaster

    This would be a good beginning to a series (kind of like Nancy Drew Mysteries) especially for teen girls. My agent, Mathman can advise you on this. Do you have more?


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    Re: Chapter 5 Countdown to Disaster

    Piel -- Did I say "mediocre" 6 posts up? I meant "meritorious," of course. No, "magnificent." Who loves ya?

    Mathman 44.4%

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    Re: Chapter 5 Countdown to Disaster


    Heck, I was flattered with "just mediocre"!


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    Re: Chapter 5 Countdown to Disaster

    Thanks a lot for your interest and appreciation.
    I was working on two more but I've been soooo busy lately. I'll try to post another ASAP.

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    Re: Chapter 5 Countdown to Disaster

    Dear Buzz,

    I know what you mean about busy (or buzzy).

    Are all of your stories about Michelle? Do you have any Sarah stories? My next story is about Todd, Kristi, Tara and Ilia.

    Doctor Watson

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