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Thread: How Do I Set an Avatar

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    How Do I Set an Avatar

    I went to the CP and to Edit Avatar, but It doesn't give me any option to choose or browse for an Avatar anywhere. Can we not have them anymore?

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    Hi, Teresa Dawn. You need to have 25 posts to get an avatar. After you have 25 posts the Edit Avatar thing will automatically take you to the page where you can select an avatar from the list.

    When you have 100 posts you can make your own "custom avatar," if you want. Email a 60X60 pixel picture to the Golden Skate administrator.


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    Oh Thanks for the info!!!! That would explain it!

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    15 to go!

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    12 now But I am looking forward to when I can make a custom one

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    YAY you made it! Are those the Duchenay's?

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    Yes I did But nope. It is Mandy Woetzel and Ingo Steuer... (German Pairs skaters who won worlds in 97) I don't recall seeing and Duchesnay avatars in the group... could have just missed them though. There were a lot to go through.

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    I've heard of W&S, but never saw them, before. Never seen D&D, either.

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    If you get a chance You should watch them.. They are both excellent teams. If you were able to see the Anett video I sent you then it should work that I can send you some other vids as well

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