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It's really too bad. Brian could have won this and the money, too. But I think the French Fed will keep him happy money wise..

Campbell's is close to Skate America and to Skate Canada but far from the Bompard. It's not like Dec.Marshalls which is on top of everyone's Nationals.

Anyone think the future of the cheesefests will not be international?

Were they ever *really* international? I know that Irina has participated in most of them but its usually been a US competition with one or two non-american skaters thrown in so that the advertising can say "International figure skating event". To me it really doesn't matter whether its international or not since for the ladies the US have (for the most part) had three ladies capable of winning or medalling at worlds for the past 15/20 years. The men, on the otherhand have not been as successgul as the women and the competition there has sually been won by any internatioanl skater (if any). This year i think will be different story unless sandhu pulls a stunner out of the bag.