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Once again, the internet connection at the arena wasn't working, so I'm posting everything now that I'm back at my hotel

Start # Country Name

1 THA Charissa Tansomboon
light blue shading to mauve at hem - dark blue vertical inset down front & back very attractive / soft piano / some nice movement with music to open / nice 2a / 2f2t / flysit has ok fly and nice low pos with change / ftwrk 2z / inside out spiral with good edge to back spiral to leg at side / camsitlayback backsit with variation / strt ftwrk a bit simple but nicely done to music / layback with foot to head / she may not have the difficult jumps or quite the skating skills of the better skaters, but a very nicely skated program - enjoyable to watch / tech 19.28 comp 14.71 tot 33.99

2 CAN Cecilia Gauvin
red-orange satin / carmen bells to start - yep that's what it is / skiddy 1a / 3s2t or did my eyes deceive me and it was a 3t / layback has good speed / a bit of chor and down to the other dend for a 2z / flysit got ok fly bit of a struggle on landing / diag ftwrk was a bit choppy / insideout spiral a bit wobbly on change to outside / very nice fast cam starts the combo spin / tech 19.96 comp 15.37 tot 35.33

3 MEX Matia Segovia
bright light pink / big band - jazzzy / 2a under rot both hands down / ftwrk 2z / camto outside edge sit layback beillmann back sit leg at ear / inside out catch knee spiral back leg at ear into back beillmann spiral / didn't see 1st jump of combo but think it was a 2f or 2t into 2t / O ftwrk had a couple of nice moves but kind of choppy / flysit didn't get tuck in air, ended behind music in nice mushroom / tech 15.47 comp 13.06 tot 28.53

4 KOR Chae Hwa Kim
light blue with white diagonal sash effect / Bold violins to start / 2z is very nice / llayback to sideways to foot to head / music is building into 3s2t very nice / 2a / think it's a variation on four seasons - something very familiar in any case / strt ftwrk with some nice detail / good tuck on flysit to 1/2 sit with outside edge / back inside out spiral to leg at side / camsit outside edge layback back sit to sideways to outside edge combo spin ends the program - very nice spin / tech 24.41 comp 16.95 tot 41.36

5 AUS Laura Downing
cranberry red satin - mandarin style / asian sounding music / a bit of chor to start // 3t rotated but fell (sat) / ftwrk 2z / flysit with good tuck low pos into tuck pos / beillman outside inside spiral some footwork into outside forward spiral / 1a / sideways catchfoot layback into short beillman / O ftwrk flows well with musc / cam to outside edge to beillman to back cam donut sit leg strt to side / tech 15.79 comp 15.94 tot 30.73

6 SCG Sonya Mugosa
another one in cranberry red - this time a bathing suit style / flutes start the music / 2f2t / 2z 2ft hand down / music builds with lots of drums / ? Spin - must have been the fly sit but I didn't really see it / some chor with a bit of a balance check / 1a / cam sit good pos back sit catch knee that got very slow and a bit off centre / insideout catch knee to back spiral with 3 changes of leg pos / strt ftwrk - she seems a bit unsure of herself during it / layback spin to end - pos is weak / tech 10.76 comp 10.26 tot 21.02

7 IND Aadnya Borkar
dark mauve / some chor in place to start / forward out to back inside spiral / cam sit to forward sit - bit slow but actually not a bad spin at all / 1z / attempt at a 1a that didn't get off ice / layback is well-centered with good speed - pos a bit weak / 2s under rot turns into another 2s that also was under rot / strt ftwrk goes with music and actually isn't all that bad / flysit to end the program / tech 4.42 comp 5.62 tot 10.04

8 USA Megan Oster
white with gold sequins / some nice chor to start / down the ice for 2a - very nice / very familiar music / ftwrk 2z had it then fell after / flysit very nice low pos good speed / 3t2t / insideout spiral to back inside beillmann to leg at ear / cam layback back cam sit attempt at leg in front but doesn't quite get there / strt ftwrk is quite nice fairly complex / sideways layback to strt with foot to head to beillmann / tech 23.43 comp 20.22 ded 1.00 tot 42.65 ded was for the fall

9 JPN Akiko Kitamura
black with gold sequin design around neck / middle eastern music / very nice 3z / some chor at centre ice / moving very fast across ice / 3f prob 2ft into 2t / combo spin is fast & centred with multiple pos changes / outside in spiral bit wild on edge change / back spiral that ended the seq went right into 2a / flysit with arms extended straight behind back / diag ftwrk is complex and very well done - right with music / fast layback into ending pos / the music was very dynamic but didn't over power her at all / tech 25.25 comp 21.89 tot 47.14

10 UKR Olga Khromaya
bright pink over lime green underskirt one sleeve / nutcracker / waltz jump / 3s under rot fell / layback with unusual and very nice stretch to foot in back / spirals kept up their speed - good pos / ftwrk 2z / flysit with good tuck & low spin pos / she moves really well - nice speed / O ftwrk goes very well with music some nice detail / comobo spin with very loopy bveillman on front and slow one on back / tech 10.98 comp 14.03 ded 1.00 tot 24.01

11 CAN Kathryn Kang
black & grey bathing suit style with silver around hips / some nice chor & movement right with music to start / familiar piano / 3s2t / down this end for 3z possibly a bit under rot, but not by much - fell / didn't see the next spin / strt ftwrk is with music & nicely done / travelling 3s into 2a / combo spin is centered with good pos / inside catchfoot spiral to back outside to back leg in front as music softens & slows / layback with lovely classic pos to straight leg with arms behind / tech 20.94 comp 18.01 ded 1.00 tot 37.95

12 FRA Laura Dutertre
ragtime piano / white top in vest design black skirt / opened with her layback / 3s2t / missed something / 2a / music changes for comobo spin with nice cam sit back sit catch foot / charlie chaplin / some chor music as it softens into spiral seq which has nice pos & carries good speed / ftwrk 2z / music picks up for strt ftwrk / into some closing chor & pose / tech 24.20 comp 18.82 tot 43.02

13 RUS Ekaterina Lobanova
shades of red & orange with kerchief skirt / big opening music / 3f2l - I think that's what I saw / popped z / cam to outside edge sit layback to back cam donut very short sit / nice high 2a / flysit had a bit of trouble on landing but kept it / strt ftwrk moves very well lots of sequences on one foot / catchfoot inside out forward spiral that slowed down quite a bit to back inside catch foot / sideways layback to strt with foot to head / tech 16.53 comp 17.32 tot 33.86

14 SUI Cindy Carquillat
dark blue with cutout in back / familiar ballet / some nice chor to start / 3s2t / clockwise skater / layback is very fast & centered pos is a bit weak / ftwrk 2z / 2a with a bit of a wrap / flysit bit jerky on landing but pretty good spin after / iniside out spiral starts the seq which carries very good speed / strt ftwrk is fast & with music - good detail / cam to outside edge to side variation to back sit to inside edge to upright to end - finished ahead of her music / tech 22.82 comp 18.20 tot 41.02

15 ITA Nicole Della
very dark navy with silver sequins bathing suit style with asymetrical skirt / piano / 3f fell / flysit no tuck on jump ok spin - good pos / good speed across ice / ftwrk into lutz that I think was a 3 / spirals were nice - nothing you could put your finger on, but just a pleasing combination / ? Spin / strt ftwrk had good detail and was with the music / there was another spin in there that I missed as well as not seeing the spin after the spirals - / my mind must have wandered / tech 19.26 comp 18.32 ded 1.00 tot 36.58

16 JPN Satsuki Maramoto
dark royal blue with silver sequins / big gong opens the music / 3l bit of struggle holding the landing 1t / 2z / camsit layback with foot to head to back sit with outside edge / diag ftwrk ending in a nice twizzles / flysit good tuck in air nice spin / some chor as music slows a bit / 2a 2foot / inside out spiral with catchfoot on change ending in nice forward spiral / very short layback spin / tech 15.30 comp 16.55 tot 31.85

17 GER Denise Zimmermann
black & turqoise paisley type design / big band drums start the music - very familiar / 3s2t / ftwrk 2z / flysit gets ok tuck nice tuck on spin / O ftwrk is fast & in character of the music - fun to qatch / spirals / 2a / sidways layback is fast & centered with pos variations / combo spin starts with back cam that she almost lost but got it back / tech 20.66 comp 17.22 tot 37.88

18 USA Sandra Rucker
black with silver around jagged shaped edge deep v in back over illusion / 3l fell / 3z fell pretty close, if not fully rot / flysit with nice low pos, bit on slow side / 2a bit jerky on landing but clean / lovely layback - fast with nice pos changes / back spiral with leg pos change to leg at side on other foot / diag footwrk is very expressive to slower music with definite phrasing / cam sit layback backsit to inisde edge / tech 14.14 comp 16.13 ded 2.00 tot 28.27

19 CAN Erin Scherrer
light blue with navy on one side really effective but hard to describe / some movement at centre ice / 2l didn't get off ice properly / some nice chor / 2z from ftwrk / very expressive with the music / layback is centered with good speed & pos / strt ftwrk - music is very plaintive sounding / back spiral - almost full circle into inside out spiral / 1a / flysit with pretty good tuck , nice spin with pos changes / cam sit layback back cam sit to inside edge to leg at side / tech 13.01 comp 17.09 tot 30.10

20 NED Jacqueline Voll
light lilac with flower pattern / music starts to sounds of rain / layback is fast & centered until near end when pos changed to foot to head / 2z fell sliding on stomach / 2a turn out foot down / flysit - didn't really see it / O ftwrk was good & with music / inisde out spiral - out didn't really get on an edge - ended seq with charlotte / ftwrk 2z / cam to outside edge to sit to beillman back sit leg in front / tech 15.56 comp 14.88 ded 2.00 tot 28.44

21 ITA Monica Valeria Leoni
black with white around top and strapes / 2a fell out / 3t fell not sure if rotated / flysit foot down on landing / ftwrk 2z / insideout spiral boble on change - generally a nice seq to flowey music / music picks up and becomes sticatto for strt ftwrk / layback is fast & centered - nice pos change / fell out of end of combo spin / tech 10.16 comp 14.18 ded 1.00 tot 23.34

22 TPE Jocelyn Ho
bright purple with bell sleeves / 2a / very big music to start / 3s fell might have been under rot / flysit is very nice fast with nice pos changes / spirals start with inside out as music softens & slows / sideways layback to strt with strt leg / music builds again for strt ftwrk that has a long seq on one foot / ftwrk 2z / combo spin was well centered with great speed & good pos / tech 15.16 comp 15.04 ded 1.00 tot 29.20

23 KOR Soo Bin Park
bright sea green with choker effect / very flowey music - familiar / very deliberatse into 2a that might have been under rot / 2f fell / flysit didn't get any tuck - nice spin / outside in spiral bobble on change good extension - rest of spirals slowed down considerably / music has gotten very big - too big for her / strt ftwrk / ftwrk 2z that I think was under rot / combo spin is centered & fast / right into layback with 3 changes of pos / tech 10.78 comp 12.86 ded 1.00 tot 22.64