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1 CAN Graham / Poje
her in peach him in black / watched the dance but was late and didn't have my laptop running in time to take notes, sorry / tech 19.23 comp 16.06 tot 35.29 gr tot 60.03

2 USA Lauten / Hill
her in neon lime green him in black / some nice chor into midline steps / close together very good sync except at tiny bit out on end of 2nd twizles / music slows & flows / nice curving ftwrk into back onefoot lift into facing sit spin to back upright on bent knee - very nice spin / music is now cobacabana and I think I missed a rot lift / diag steps pretty good mostly in dance hold into closing pose / tech 23.09 comp 17.52 tot 40.61 gr tot 66.25

3 USA Miosi / Ponomarev
both in black with silver seqin design / bright music to start with good chor to match / midline steps - 1st half on one foot, he seemed to have a bit of trouble with twizzles / lift with him in bent leg spread eagle and she has multiple pos changes/ think there was a bit of a miss into spin that got very slow after change of foot / diag steps had good seq on one foot mostly in dance hold / rot lift with her changing pos / tech 21.52 comp 18.60 tot 40.12 gr tot 66.43

4 FRA Rouzet / Rumi
her in yellow with bright pink-orange flowers very long asymetrical skirt cut to hips at side him in matching top & pants / one-handed rotation lift / midline steps were good until twizzles at end - he had problems on both / music slows & changes - facing sit spin / diag steps has some very nice deep edges he did twizles at the end and put his free foot down early / more trouble by him during some chor near the end / tech 20.01 comp 17.16 tot 37.17 gr tot 62.03

5 RUS Bobrova / Soloviev
her in deep red with cutouts him in black with red undershirt / curve lift / some nice chor into midline steps 1/2 half on 1 foot very good sync 2nd half twizzles didn't quite match think she had a problem on 1st and him on 2nd / then I think a bit of trouble getting into a pose / spin with change of foot was soso / rotation lift was nice but think there was a bobble on the dismount / saw, but didn't really see the diag steps to remember details / tech 23.75 comp 20.91 tot 44.66 gr tot 74.31

6 CAN Virtue / Moir
her in fushia with silver trip him in black / flowey music to start / nice chor into spin with her in catch changing to him in sit / lift with him in spread eagle change of pos / music changes with some chor into midline steps think he might have had a bit of balance check on 2nd twizzle otherwise excellent 1st half on one foot / diag steps extrememly complex and in dance hold / was still amazing over the diag steps that I missed the rotational lift / tech 30.50 comp 25.05 tot 55.55 gr tot 88.85

7 CAN Lamoureux / Mee
her in light fushia with silver trim him in black / some nice chor into midline steps 1st twizles very nice 2nd a little slow / music changes to look of love for spin - low sit / bit of a stumble during some chor - nice & flowey with music / lift with him in shoot duck / diag steps and music picks up 1st half in dance hold on 1 foot - music is now sex bomb / one armed rot lift - difficult pos, rot is a little slow / tech 24.32 comp 16.92 tot 41.24 gr tot 66.21

8 HUN Lalatka / Balint
both in very dark purple - alomost black / samba? To start fun and fairly quick - nice chor / diag steps were ok / curve lift with him in back shoot duck / music is now flowey into midline - fairly simple but in sync / spin traditional pair sit spin pos / cha cha now - their speed has picked up - rot lift he stumbled fell and she hit her head on ice and got up and did closing pos but you could see after that it hit pretty hard / tech 19.71 comp 14.17 ded 2.00 tot 31.88 gr tot 53.12

9 UKR Vykhodtseva / Shumski
bright yellow dress & his top with black pants / cha cha ? To start / full circuit of rink dancing into midline 1st half on one foot a little in and out of sync / music changes rot lift with her with leg around his neck into diag steps as music speeds up bit of a problem with one of the changes in hold / curve lift again with her leg around his neck but no hands / spin on bent leg both front and back / tech 19.17 comp 15.66 ded 1.00 tot 33.83 gr tot 56.37

10 GER Kolbe / Boll
her in orange him in black with orange accents / dance with me - chor into midline only saw 1 set of twizzles - lots of one-foot work pretty good sync / music changes slow and romantic, some nice dancing / curve lift with one hand / spin is trad pair sit spin pos / music picks up again / diag steps are pretty good - flow well / finished behind their music / tech 23.25 comp 18.84 ded 1.00 tot 41.09 gr tot 67.58