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Thread: Daria pics & Boston Open Results

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    Thanks for responding Soogar.

    Actually, he skated at the intermediate level last year. Which is still very young for someone his age. In general, boys tend to progress slower than girls. Also, he has only been skating for a very short period of time.

    I don't think we should have any expectations one way or the other about anyone's future in skating. Skating is a difficult sport and a lot can happen. People can have both dramatic improvements or they can just get "stuck"-and hit a platau. There is also the issues of injury, changing body, and simply not being as interested anymore.

    The most important thing is that they have fun with their skating.

    I enjoy seeing Daria & Artur skate, they both are adorable kids with tons of charisma on the ice
    But I also feel really uncomfortable analyzing anyone's skating, at this age group/skill level, regardless of whether it is a positive analysis or a negative analysis.
    Now, maybe this makes me a hypocrite Because maybe you can say that if you get the opportunity to skate in shows etc, you should also get a chance to have your skating analyzed more.

    Hopefully people will just enjoy the fact that they enjoy skating, and not compare them to their OGM parent, or have too high or low of expectations.
    Hopefully, skating is just one of many fun activities at this point in their lives.
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    Maybe she only skates for fun to keep being compared to her parents. If Daria does go on to serious skating it wouldn't be fair to her if everyone alwyas compared her to them and thinking she should be better or more advanced than she is. I guess I always thought some one 12 or 13 were in already in juniors because some move up to senoir level at 14, and junivelle or intermediated levels. I learned something new about skating today, Thank You.

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    makes me sad

    While I love Ilia as a skater, Dasha, so like her father makes me long to see another G/G. All the Chinese incredible tricks don't replace how Katia skated for Sergei, how she looked. One georgeous man. I can't think of many men more manly, yet beautiful. So sad.
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    I have a hard time not thinking of Daria still looking like the little tyke in the Snoweden specials. I can't believe she's 14 and growing up!!!
    Thanks for sharing the links to the photos!

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