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Skaters are shown in start # order

1 SCG Sonya Mugosa black with deep V front & back / sorry, missed the 1st part of her program - thought I was organized but wasn't / nice inside out spiral in catch foot position / 2s / music is overpowering her a bit / diag steps are a bit slow but fairly detailed / combo spin has nice sit pos / tech 14.88 comp 19.47 ded 2.00 tot 32.35 gr tot 53.37

2 KOR Soo Bin Park
black with diagonal white band from shoulder around back to hip - very effective / 2f2l think short rot on both / 2a 2ft / nice melodic music thast I know very well / Les Miz / 3l2l or was it 2l2l think the former - after seeing the 2s sure it was a double/ 2s / ? Jump I missed / 2l / camsit layback foot to head back sit leg in front / I love this music but after the 1st slow part, she has very little connection to it / now a another slow part and she's connecting better again / 2z under rot landed on wrong foot / beautiful layback with pos variations to end / tech 18.62 comp 22.60 ded 1.00 tot 40.22 gr tot 53.37

3 IND Aadnya Borkar
dark red with I shape back / 1z / attempted 1a very short rot / camel spin is not bad / series of jumps that started with 1f but not sure of rest / music softens & slows and some chor to match / spirals / cam sit back sit that she kind of lost / 1l / 1-1/2 sal / strt steps are simple, but work with the music / attempt at flying cam / final upright spin in neat unique pos was centered and had good speed - left us with her best move / tech 8.09 comp 10.64 ded tot 18.73 gr tot 28.77

4 UKR Olga Khromaya
bright blue / 2a was nice and she had it but sat on the landing / 3s?2l / 3s fell - it looks like she's around on the jumps but doesn't have the strength to stand up on them and push through / nice camel spin / 3? 2 footed - didn't see it as my coffee was dumped (on the floor at least) / 2l after a spiral sequence / 2z / she has nice lift to her jumps / strt ftwrk flows with music / cam sit catch foot into beillman change foot that ened after the music at 3:44 so probably time deductions / tech 16.55 comp 24.61 ded 3.0 tot 38.16 gr tot 62.17

5 ITA Monica Valeria Leoni
pretty dark dusty rose with lots of silver beading / 2a / 3l 2footed / I missed a couple of jumps - think a 3t that she fell on, then a 2f / 2a hand down / very familiar music that I should know the name of - loud but flowey / 3? 2ft missed takeoff / sorry I'm having trouble concentrating on what she's doing for some reason - not that it's bad or boring at all/ combo spin with some nice pos is fast & centered / tech 20.46 comp 26.91 ded 1.00 tot 46.37 gr tot 69.71

6 NED Jacqueline Voll
white bathing suit style with halter / middle eastern - very familiar / 3l fell / 2z / flycam with good fly to inside edge to bent leg / very deliberate into 2a fell / 2t2t / she's moving well and connected to her music / 2s / inside out spiral with wobble on change ends seq with back catch foot / layback changing to foot to head / 2ft turns 2t / O ftwrk as music is building / 2l2t / cam to outside edge sit beillmann that only went 1 rev to backspin / tech 22.49 comp 26.11 ded 3.00 tot 45.60 gr tot 74.04 /

7 USA Sandra Rucker
after much discussion over the colour - it was decided by the group of us that her dress is emerald green ! / nice 3l / 3z almost had it but fell / 3f / 3s sat (fell) / combo spin is centered with good speed, nice pos / 2z2t / layback starts classic then goes sideways with arms extended to side - very pretty / strt ftwrk is with music - nicely done / 1a / spirals are ok / 2a fell / flysit ok tuck low spin pos / tech 26.59 comp 29.95 ded 3.00 tot 53.54 gr tot 81.81 /

8 TPE Jocelyn Ho
deep red / spanish guitar / 2a turns 2t / 3s2t / not much happening except for the jumps right now / 2? Flip maybe / spin that I didn't really see / music slows & softens and some chor / 2? Didn't really see it, sorry / spiral into 2f / 3s fell / flysit with nice pos variations / spirals are ok / music picks up now for strt ftwrk - fairly long sequences on 1 foot - nicely done / 2a / cam sit 1/2 sit layback backsit to inside edge / not quite sure what the music was it also had some what sounded to me like middle eastern parts / tech 23.40 comp 29.11 ded 1.00 tot 51.51 gr tot 80.71

9 CAN Erin Scherrer
white with coral at hem and on one shoulder / familiar ballet / 3t hand down / 2z / flycam to inside edge very nice pos & speed / 3l fell / spread eagle into 2s / music changes to piano and some chor to match / nice ina / 2a / spirals are nice with good speed / 2a2t / layback with foot to head / music picks up for strt ftwrk that matches it very well / 3t hand down turns 2t / cam sit layback back cam sit to inside edge to scratch - front 1/2 of spin was very fast & centered, back was slower / tech 30.91 comp 33.67 ded 1.00 tot 63.58 gr tot 93.68

10 MEX Matia Segovia
black with silver seqins / I missed the 1st part of her program / 2f2t / spirals in catch kneed with inside out & beillman - nice / 2f / O ftwrk uses her whole body and is right with music / 2l / death drop to forward sit with pos variation into layback to beillmann / tech 25.83 comp 27.13 ded tot 52.96 gr tot 81.49 /

11 AUS Laura Downing
shades of red & black with bit of gold one sleeved cat suit / some nice chor to start the program / 3? Flip or toe 2t at 28 second mark / 1a / 3s fell / flycam nice fly & spin pos with inside edge & donut / 2z from fdtwrk / some really nice flowing movement / 3t fell / sideways layback to beillmann / music gets heavier with a beat 2f2t / spirals were very nice with good pos but all of them had her support her leg or foot / travel 3's into back cam sit leg at side front cam beillmann / tech 25.21 comp 32.74 ded 2.00 tot 55.95 gr tot 86.68

12 RUS Ekaterina Lobanova
black string effect over burnt orange / carmen / nice 2a / 3z high / 3l hard sliding fall on stomach / flycam with layover pos / 3f pushed it through / 3t2t / no choreography to this point, just the jumps / music slows a bit for spirals / and picks up / 3s sat / layback is fast with good back / 3t / she's hurt her back and is bent over after that last jump - probably actually hurt it on the fall on the loop and then jarred it landing the toe - she's talking to the ref / she's going to try and finish / into her O ftwrk which is fast and detailed with music she re-started at the 2:52 mark / into cam to outside edge to sit to layback to back sit twisted into sratch / tech 30.34 comp 33.06 ded 2.00 tot 61.40 gr tot 95.26

13 JPN Satsuki Maramoto
white with sheer arms & top of bodice / some nice chor to slower violin / 2a pretty air pos / gorgeous layback with arm & leg variations / music picks up and down to this end for 2z 2t 2l loop was under rot / 3t / 2f2t / camsitlayback with foot to heat to back sit to outside edge / music slows again and some chor / 3l 2ft / back outside in spiral going to catch foot / music picks up again 2s2t in the same spot on ice as 2 other jumps / strt ftwrk is simple but well done / spread eagle into 2a sat / flycam with layover to partial inside edge / tech 28.59 comp 32.56 ded 1.00 tot 60.15 gr tot 92.00

14 THA Charissa Tansomboon
dark pink shading to light at hem / 2a 2t fell on toe / 2s / very familiar flowing piano & violin / 2z2t fell on toe / layback is fast with pos variations / 2f2l / iniside out spiral on strong edges / the music has changed and heavy drums right in the middle of spirals - didn't match at all / 2a almost sat both feet down & one hand / strt steps were ok - a bit slow for what she was doing / 2z / some of her jumps are very spinny rather than going up / I just missed a spin / 2l / flycam with nice fly & good spin / tech 22.21 comp 29.32 ded 3.00 tot 48.53 gr tot 82.52

15 ITA Nicole Della
black bathing suit style with lattice effect on back / 3f under rot fell / 2a lightly put one hand down / butterfly back sit with arms extended behind - nice spin / a bit of chor to sticatto music / 3l bad lean - fell / 3s hand down turnout / inside out spiral with really curving edges on change - very nice / 3t hand down turn out / 2s turns 2t / back cam to frief inside edge to sit to front sit to catch foot, got very slow on front half / layback with foot to head / strt ftwrk right on beats of music / 2z into closing pose / music was a very crashy tango / tech 23.16 comp 31.75 ded 3.00 tot 51.92 gr tot 88.50

16 CAN Cecilia Gauvin
black with silver v inset in front and what looks like stars on shoulders / some chor that is right with music - think it might be swan lake / 3s / 3t landed forward on 2 feet / 2a bit skiddy on takeoff but clean turns into 2 f / 3l under rot fell / layback from sideways to strt back with foot to head / 3s hands down almost fell / inside out spiral / 1a / 2z2t / combo spin with some nice pos / music is really building for diag steps but it's overpowering her / flycam spin to end program is fast with good pos / tech 24.41 comp 31.55 ded 2.00 tot 53.96 gr tot 89.29

17 GER Denise Zimmermann
black top with dark red corest effect & black pants with gold brocade down leg / 2z2t big heavy music - carmina burana? / flycam very fast spin to inside edge that was a bit loopy / 3t3t hopped out of 2nd one / music is now flowing & soft and it's not carmina burana / 2s / 3s2t bit jerky & low on both landindgs but clean / back cam with edge change to sit to front sit to layback / inside out spiral a tiny bit unsteady / just missed a jump / 2a think she held on long enough before turnout / layback pin with strt leg / O ftwrk to very heavy portion of music - something seemed lacking in it to me / tech 25.73 comp 32.80 ded 0 tot 58.53 gr tot 96.41

18 FRA Laura Dutertre
orange-red with gold design / a couple of spirals for effect and into fly sit that was very nice / 3s / music has picked up and again is familiar / 3? Landed pitched forward but held off putting hand down / then I missed the takeoff of another jump that was a double into 2t / layback spin / 3s pitched forward but clean turns into 2t / 2a2t / music is bulding and she's into the spirals / back cam to inside edge to back sit to upright to front sit catchfoot - very nice spin good speed & pos / music is now clap along type music for strt steps but no one's clapping / 2t and around into final pose / tech 35.81 comp 34.92 ded 0 tot 70.73 gr tot 113.75 /

19 USA Megan Oster
light pink shading to dusty rose at hem / some chor to piano very nice movement and right with music / 3f bit skiddy on landing but clean / 1l / 3z / flysit didn't get much tuck on fly but very nice spin / some more chor - she's right with the music - very nice / 2a - even that took off & landed on beat of music / 3s / layback with great speed & pos changes into beillmann / spirals to faster music but it really works with the way she's doing them / walley, walley, 3t , 2t, 2l / strt ftwrk is quite detailed and good speed and again right with music / 3s fell / cam layback back cam sit leg in front scratch / tech 44.26 comp 43.45 ded 1.00 tot 86.71 gr tot 129.36

20 KOR Chae Hwa Kim
black strapless with diag sash effect / dance macabre? / some movement to start / 3t2t / 3s2t / 2z turn 2a / butterfly back sit twised to pos variation / there wasn't any chor in there until now when we get a bit / 3l fell / inside out spiral to catch foot as the music softens / 2a / layback strt to sideways to foot to head / sal didn't get off ice / 3t / O ftwrk is with music & fast / combo spin has good pos travelled in a circle / tech 32.80 comp 39.82 ded 1.00 tot 71.62 gr tot 112.98

21 SUI Cindy Carquillat
grey & red velour effect elbow gloves - one grey one red / tango / some sticatto movement to start / clockwise skater / 2a2t2t / camel spin / 3s step out / 2a wild on landing then step out / layback is fast & centered back pos is weak / music changes and some chor / 1a 2t / 2f / spirals / generally she has good flow & speed / and I just missed a fump / strt ftwrk to tango sticatto matches very well - nicely done / split jump into 2z turns 2t? / forward cam to outside edge to back sit to outside edge to scratch / tech 28.43 comp 35.25 ded 0 tot 63.79 gr tot 104.81 /

22 CAN Kathryn Kang
purple with navy trim - think it's one of Annie Bellmare's old dresses - looks very good on her / music started with what sounded like native chants then into very nice piano & violin / 2a / some chor / 3s2t / 3z fell - think rotation was there / she seems to be skating slowly 3t bad lean fell / spin that I only saw the end of / 2a2t / strt ftwrk 1/2 half on one foot / 3s / flycam with intentional? Bent knee / spirals / 2f / combo spin to end is very fast on front back side was only a camel that I don't think went 3 revs / tech 34.24 comp 35.24 ded 2.00 tot 67.48 gr tot 105.43

23 JPN Akiko Kitamura
light blue shading to purple at centre to mauve at hem / piano / some nice movement to start and down around the rink to this end for 3z2t / layback was too short - very nice strt leg pos - didn't get to admire it long enough / 3f / 3t2t2l / some chor as music speeds up / 3s / some more chor / into O ftwrk or was that just some chor - didn't make a complete O / then I missed a spin puzling over the ftwrk / 3z easy as pie / back inside out spiral that was a bit wobbly / 2a / what I thought was a 3z attempt but came out early if that was a z then the previous jump that I had as a z must have been a flip or toe / combo spin to end / tech 42.08 comp 43.64 ded 0 tot 85.72 gr tot 132.86