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Thread: Men - Free Program - Notes & Comments

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    Men - Free Program - Notes & Comments

    Note: The following reports are copyright Golden Skate. Please, while you may provide links to reports, do not copy & paste them elsewhere. Thank you.

    Skaters are shown in start order

    1 MEX Miguel Angel Moyron
    burgundy with gold chevron design - think the same as last year which I think means mummy / nice 2a / 3z 2ft but think rotation was there / 3t2t / diag steps were a bit simple but moved well with music / music softens & slows and some chor into fly cam to donut with good pos & speed / some more chor and into 3s bit shakey on landing but clean / 2f from ftwrk / music change & speeds up & more chor / 2a bad lean but held on with turnout / 3t / layback fast & centered into back layback - nice spin / music slows & is more melodic 3s2t / dramatic music now for O ftwrk - he looks tired - ftwrk was very simple / combo spin to end included layback - finished after his music - clock shows 4:13 / tech 39.93 comp 34.88 ded tot 74.81 gr tot 109.14

    2 GER Philipp Tischendorf
    black with wide gold band around waist hair in pony tail / flamenco / right off his movement is perfect with music / 3z 2t or it might have been a flip didn't really see edge / 1f / 3t bit shakey on landing but think clean / some chor into deathdrop with changes of foot & edge - nice spin / neat open leg upright spin into back layback - front was really nice / 3s / I like the way he moves - very light on his feet and as I write that he stumbles in his O ftwrk / 2l / to end of boards for strt steps to flamenco stomping - ftwrk was too start & stop for me but went with music / 2a / into pose and then some chor / 3z / 3f sat / cam sit leg in front ack cam to catch foot to open leg / some chor into final pose / tech 40.20 comp 43.94 ded 1.00 tot 83.14 gr tot 122.79

    3 ITA Marco Fabbri
    dark navy - almost black with silver sequin design in V / music starts with sounds of rain / 3t / 3f fell - very bad lean / 3l again on a lean step out / celtic music of some sort / 2l went up on a lean & saved it by only doing a double / flysit with good tuck / just missed something - not sure what / some chor to a slower section / 3s2t / 2a lean step out / sit ch sit low pos / this music is very familiar and now I don't think it's celtic / 3t2t / S ftwrk is quite well done to very fast section of music that slows as he hits the last curve / camel sit leg in front / I was totally messed up on what the music was - 1st part was Plushenko's from last year and 2nd part was Winter / tech 35.80 comp 38.82 ded 2.00 tot 72.62 gr tot 107.89

    4 FRA Jeremy Prevoteaux
    black with bit of red - top has a wrap effect / very familiar violin that I should know the name of / 1a / some nice chor / 3z fell probably short revs / spread eagle hop spread eagle the other way into 3l at least I think it was a loop / I missed something - what the music is is bugging me too much / 3f 2ft but think rot / nice ina into 2t turns 3t? / sjpread eagle turns 3s turns 2t / spin with some neat pos & edges but it was very weakly done / 2z / some neat chor into strt steps into butterfly back sit / the music is Rhondo Caprissoso / tech 32.65 comp 41.38 ded 1.00 tot 73.03 gr tot 109.90

    5 RUS Daniil Gleichengauz
    dark grey & black suit effect with bit of pink on lapels - very nice / 2a / 3z lovely air pos & lift on his jumps / he moves really well / 3l hop 3s landing on loop was a bit wonky / O ftwrk to flowing music that gets tango - well done / sit ch sit with great pos & speed / some chor / 3f fell / 3s / flydam with nice stretched pos fast / 3t2t / bluesy m,usic now / 3l step out / cam A upright sit back cam donut sit scratch / jazzy music for S ftwrk that is really well timed with music / butterfly back sit to headless / that was a fun program to watch / tech 46.04 comp 46.62 ded 1.00 tot 91.66 gr tot 134.42

    6 JPN Yukihiro Yoshida black with silver vest front / big band with drum beat / he's flying across the ice / 3t couldn't quite hold landing & stepped out / 3z fell / flysit spin to twisted then outside edge - fast - very nice spin / strt ftwrk is right with music / a spiral for effect & some chor into 3s / then he tripped doing nothing / popped ? Jump / sit ch sit with outside edge on both feet / music changes to moonlight serenade / spreadeagle into some flowing chor / 2a / 3l fell / 3t / music changes again and into S frtwrk that really moves but might be a bit simple / 2a / cam sit upright back sit scratch to end / I found this program seemed to go on forever and others said they were looking at the clock as well / tech 37.02 comp 43.94 ded 2.00 tot 78.96 gr tot 120.46

    7 CAN Joey Russell
    navy blue with gold button & bit of gold trim - military effect / carmen bells and some nice chor to start / 3s2t timed nicely with music / 2a landed on beat of music / 3z2t2l / fly sit with multiple pos changes - very nice / O ftwrk a bit simple but right with music / 2l didn't really get off ice properly / some more chor / 3z short rot fell / death drop to twisted sit / 3t2t / 3s / spread eagle into 3l on a bad lean but think he was clean on landing / strt ftwrk is with music / cam sit tuck upright backsit twisted inside edge into closing pose / tech 46.50 comp 48.32 ded 1.00 tot 93.82 gr tot 137.18

    8 CAN Jamie Forsythe
    beige-gold on one sleet darker brown in wrap effect / some nice chor to start / bad pick on lutz / 2a / very nice spiral into 3l fell / cam to outside edge to sit to A to back sit to leg in front / 2t could see it didn't go up right / travel 3's into back sit twisted pos / some chor into O frtwrk that was nice but not much to it / 2a / catch knee spiral into 2s / some chor with lunges & spread eagles / 2t turns 2t 1l / this program is feeling very long / diag ftwrk with pause in middle / 3l fell / butterfly back sit into twisted pos / some chor into closing pose / tech 29.63 comp 42.26 ded 2.00 tot 69.89 gr tot 112.10

    9 FRA Kim Lucine
    black with red sash silver skull & x-swords on back - dagger on hip / I'm guessing pirates of the caribbean / 3z step out hand down / 3l very tight landing possible hand down / flysit with nice tuck and good low spin / some chor as music starts to build again / 3s bad lean think he hung on long enough before stepping down into 2a / strt steps and the crowd is clapping to the music / music softens & slows and some more chor / spread eagle 3z / back cam sit twisted open leg into scratch into front cam that was very loopy into scratch / 3f hand down / it's very much a skate from end to end with jumps at each end / 3? Didn't see take off / O ftwrk as music is building but his skating isn't / 3? Into final spin / tech 41.18 comp 43.88 ded 1.00 tot 84.06 gr tot 134.78 /

    10 JPN Takahiko Kozuka
    black with red inset down front and back / big familiar music to start / 3a hand down turnout but think it was rot / 3f hung on I think / he's really moving / some nice chor - think it was his strt steps / 3l / 3s / sit to outside edge to back sit to outside edge - nice low pos & fast & centered / music is more flowing now and some nice chor including spread eagle & hydroblade / flysit as music builds then softens to almost a ragtime piano / 2a3t / 3z2t / 3f / 2a2t / some choras music softens / then builds for his O ftwrk that is really fast & complex / it's gershwin I think / com spin is fast & centered with great pos & edges / tech 61.49 comp 53.18 ded 1.00 tot 113.67 gr tot 165.77

    11 USA Austin Kanallakan
    paganini - dark wine velvet with lighter hanging bits 7 gold trim on front / 3f3t think it was a flip / 3z2t / music picks up for 3l bad lean step out / cam sit tuck outside edge back sit outside edge twisted 1/2 sit - great fast spin / O ftwrk bit of slip near start - difficult & with music for 1st half - 2nd a bir easier / 3z might have bveen 2ft / stars into back sit / music slows and some dramatic chor to match / walley split jump 3t hand down / travel 3's into 3s bit jerky on landing / 2a hands down / It feels like he's rushing his jumps / spin that I didn't really see / diag steps balance check in middle / 2a landed on both feet / tech 48.13 comp 48.50 ded 0 tot 96.63 gr tot 145.18 /

    12 USA Craig Ratterree
    black with red design down one leg bottom 1/2 of one sleeve is white / flamenco / big tuck 1a / 3z / travel 3's into back cam sit upright / 3l / music picks up and down to this end for 3f2t very nice / there hasn't been much in the way of chor / to the other end for a 3? / spin that I only caught the end of / music slows and some chor / back spiral / 3a fell think short revs / 3s hand down step out / music changes to more sticatto and O frtwrk matches it well - quite detailed & pretty good right into 2a / strt ftwrk and the crowd is clapping very similar to his O ftwrk / death drop to twisted sit spin / tech 41.85 comp 51.94 ded 2.00 tot 91.79 gr tot 146.30

    13 CAN Patrick Chan
    black unitard with red diag design 7 down one leg one sleeve is illusion / 3s / huge death drop fast low spin to inside edge / ina / travel 3's into 3l / some chor as music is building int O ftwrk moves well with music lots of long 1 foot sequences / music softens / 3z2t ran out of room for the 2l that he wanted to put on / some more chor and back this way for 3a landed on both feel short rot / back cam fast into front cam that was very loopy - think he almost lost it / 3f3t / diag ftwrk is complex with lots of 1-foot sequences / walley 3t / 3z step out / spread eagle 2a 2t hung on turns 2l / cam sit twisted 1/2 sit back cam sit - great spin to end / tech 58.63 comp 56.38 ded 0 tot 115.01 gr tot 167.83

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    Thanks. I yearn for the old days when we got to see clips of all this on tv.

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