Hi everyone,
I'm trying to downsize my collection a little, and am getting rid of some magazines. If interested, please e-mail me at Bella_384@hotmail.com for costs. Here is the list of magazines:

International Figure Skating:
August 1998-Kat Witt cover
December 1998-Lu Chen cover
April 99-Rosalyn Sumners cover
June 99-Katarina Witt cover
August 99-Kristi Yamaguchi cover
December 99-Tonia Kwiatkowski cover
April 2000-Tara Lipinski cover
June 2000-Peggy Flemming cover
June 2001-Nancy Kerrigan cover
August 2001-Sale and Pelletier cover
February 2002-Michelle Kwan cover
June 2002-Sarah Hughes cover
October 2002-Alexei Yagudin cover
December 2002-Bourne & Kraatz cover
February 2003-Kristi Yamaguchi cover
April 2003-Yuka Sato cover

Spotlight on Skating:
Sept 01-Brasseur and Eisler cover

As well, I have the Sports Illustrated article on Ekaterina Gordeeva

I'm also willing to trade any 2 of mine for the following (I also have other IFS mags not listed here I'd be willing to trade for those 2, so if there's others you're looking for not listed here, just e-mail me and ask):

BOI Feb 97-Katia Gordeeva cover
BOI Apr 97-Rudy Galindo cover