Hi There,
I'm going away to university next year, so I thought I'd try to trade for some of my fav. events that I have missing now! I'll post what I'm looking for, and then what I have to trade. I can make copies of any of the performances on my tapes. Please e-mail Bella_384@hotmail.com if you have what I'm looking for. Here's what I'm looking for:
1995 Dreams On Ice (hosted by Brasseur & Eisler)
1995 Elvis Tour
1995 Gold Championship
1995 World Pro Championships-Technical and Artistic programs
1996 Worlds-CTV coverage of Ladies SP and LP, and Freedance
1996 US Postal Challenge-Oksana Baiul's performance to "You'll See" by Madonna as tribute to Sergei
1996 Too Hot to Skate
Any B&S short and long programs from the 00/01 season and 01/02 season
Katia Gordeeva coverage from the 2003 Valentines Day show
Anything on Katia that I don't already have
1997 Blades magazine with Katia on the cover
1997 Good Housekeeping magazine with Katia on the cover
1996 People mags with Katia on the cover-A Skater's Tragedy, Book Excerpt, and Ice Beauties

What I Have (* means there was an interview done afterwards):

1995-2002: Miscellaneous #1
1995 World Teams - Kristi Yamaguchi - AP Heartbreak Hotel
1995 Skates of Gold III - Scott Hamilton - ?
Kristi Yamaguchi - Imagine
1995 US Stars On Ice - Hough & Ladret, Rosalynn Sumners, Rahkamo & Kokko - Put Your Groove
Group from above w/ Kurt - Put Your Groove On
Kristi Yamaguchi - It’s Oh So Quiet
1995 World Teams - Kristi Yamaguchi - TP Yanni
1997 Canadian Stars On Ice - Brasseur & Eisler - Celebration
Rosalynn Sumners - Beautiful Goodbye
1995 Canadian Stars On Ice - Kristi Yamaguchi -100% Pure Love
Brasseur & Eisler - Copa Cobana
Scott Hamilton - Steppin’ Out
Bechke & Petrov, Hough & Ladret - Ensemble
Pairs & Scott Hamilton - Ensemble
Kurt Browning, Scott Hamilton, Brian Orser - Five Minutes for Icing
1996 Gold Championship - Scott Hamilton - AP Figaro
1996 World Teams - Kristi Yamaguchi - TP The Seasons, AP The Colour of My Love
Scott Hamilton - AP Walk this Way
1998 Great Skate Debate - Scott Hamilton - Wizard of Oz
2001 Grand Prix Final - Alexei Yagudin - LP Gladiator
1996 Canadian Stars On Ice - Kurt Browning & Kristi Yamaguchi - Put Your Groove On
2001 Grand Prix Final Ex - Michelle Kwan - Fields of Gold
2001 Canadian Stars On Ice Cast - Always
2002 Worlds - Alexei Yagudin - SP Winter, LP Man in the Iron Mask
1997 Canadian Stars On Ice Cast - Red Hat (including Katia)
1998 Canadian Stars On Ice Cast - Fun and Games (including Katia)
1996 US Stars On Ice - Kristi Yamaguchi - The Seasons (part)

1996-2002: Miscellaneous #2
2002 Celebration of a Life - Kurt Browning - Brick House
- Kristi Yamaguchi - I’m Gonna Be Strong
- Oksana Baiul - Ave Maria
- Scott Hamilton - Hair
1996 Canadian Stars On Ice - Cast - Spagetti Western
2002 US Stars On Ice - Kristi Yamaguchi - Trust A Try
2002 Kurt Browning’s Gotta Skate - Scott Hamilton - Don Quixote
2002 Canadian Stars On Ice - Kristi Yamaguchi - Interview with Sandra
- Women - Can Can
- Bourne & Kraatz - Michael Jackson Medley
- Alexei Yagudin - Winter
- Kristi Yamaguch - Interview with Sandra, Gold
- Cast - Finale (parts)
2002 Sears Open - Kurt Browning - Rag-Gidon-Time
- Alexei Yagudin - SP Racing, LP Memorial
2002 Sk8 With Elvis - Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze - Meditation

1995-1998: Ekaterina Gordeeva #1
1998 US Stars On Ice - Make A Wish Segment, Fever, Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, Surrender,
Stairway to Heaven Finale
1998 Scott Hamilton Back on the Ice - Opening, Smile, Hair Ensemble & I Love Me, Finale
1997 Snowden On Ice - 2nd Solo, Ending
1997 US Pros - TP Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Profile, AP Smile
1996 Gold Championship - Profile, Interview, TP Giselle, AP Morning
1996 Canadian Stars On Ice - Profile, Morning, Interview, Beatles Finale clips
1996 Challenge of Champions - Profile, Umbrellas of Cherbourg
1995 Skates of Gold III - Profile, Requiem, Out of Tears, Finale
1996 US Pros - Profile, TP Giselle, Interview

1995-1998: Ekaterina Gordeeva #2
1997 Dini Petty Interview
1996 US Pros - Profile, AP Elegy*
1996 Beauty and the Beast - Katia as Belle
1996 World Teams - Profile, TP Giselle, AP Elegy
1997 World Pros - TP Smile (CBC), TP Smile (NBC)
1995 Canadian Stars On Ice - The Man I Love
1997 Canadian Stars On Ice - Guitar Concerto Opening, Interview Backstage, Killing Me Softly, No One is
1998 Canadian Stars On Ice - Smile, Can’t Help Falling in Love With You
1995 Canadian Stars On Ice - Five Minutes for Icing, Rolling Stones Finale
1997 Canadian Stars On Ice - Shameless Finale
1998 Canadian Stars On Ice - Stairway to Heaven Finale clips

1998: Ekaterina Gordeeva #3
My Sergei Docudrama

1996-2000: Ekaterina Gordeeva #4
1996 World Pros - AP Morning
1996 Oprah Interview
1996 US Pros - Backstage clip
1997 Canadian Stars On Ice (TVA) - Profile, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Backstage clip after Red Hat
1997 Challenge of Champions - Three Preludes
1997 World Pros - Profile, AP Brazilian Bachiana #5*, Awards Ceremony
1997 World Teams - Interview with ladies competitors, TP Smile, AP Brazilian Bachiana #5
1998 Picture Frame Commercial
1999 US Stars On Ice - Tell Me Everything, Profile, Fragile
1998 Canadian Stars On Ice (TVA) - Cast Profile, Stairway to Heaven Finale
1999 Today Show Interview + Fragile
1999 Jeopardy - Katia sitting in the audience
1999 Divas On Ice - Opening, Group number, Profile, Fragile, Profile, Petrarch Sonnet #104, Finale
2000 Stars On Ice Commercial
1999 Grand Slam - Night Hawk’s Dream, Sitting with Brian Orser
1999 Masters - TP Night Hawks Dream, AP Fragile
2000 Rose Bowl Parade
2000 US On Ice (A&E) - Cast Profiles, Nanfushi Opening, Petrarch Sonnet #104, Cecilia, Old Friends, Si
Tu No Estas/Casi Un Bolero Wonderful World Finale
1997 Katia Perfume Commercial
2000 Reegis and Kathy Lee - Katia talking from rink to studio

1999-2002: Ekaterina Gordeeva #5
2000 Reegis and Kathy Lee Interview + Petrarch Sonnet #5
2000 Ice Wars - Comments, Tango/Il Postino, Sitting with Ilia
2000 Kurt Browning Special - Katia’s comments
2000 Grand Slam - Profile, TP Big Spender, AP Fragile
2000 Divas On Ice - Opening, Big Spender, Beautiful, Finale
2001 US Stars On Ice - Make A Wish Foundation segment
2002 Brian Boitano’s Holiday Spectacular - Let’s Get This Party Started Opening, New Year’s Resolution,
Petrarch Sonnet #104, Beautiful Day Finale
2002 Allstate All-star Olympic Salute - America (duet with Tara), Russian Folk Number
2002 The Passion to Skate - SOI Profile
1999 US Stars On Ice - Face the Face Finale
2002 Holiday Celebration On Ice - Opening (part), Off-ice clips, Russian Folk Number, Holiday Wishes,
All I Want for Christmas is You, Profile, Closing
2002 Divas On Ice - Comments, Paradise, Profile, Last Train to Clarksville, Comments

1996-2002: Ekaterina Gordeeva #6
2002 Divas On Ice - Dream, Closing
1996 Celebration of a Life - Comments, 94 Olympics LP - Moonlight Sonata, old clips, 94 World Teams -
TP Crazy For You, Interview, Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, 94 Canadian Pros -
AP Vocalise, I Will Remember You, Tchaicovsky’s Fifth Symphony Finale,
Speech, Can’t Cry Hard Enough, 94 Canadian Pros-The Man I Love

2000-2002: Salé & Pelletier #1
2000 Rita McNeil Special - A Night to Remember, Santa Claus is Coming to Town
2001 Grand Prix Final - Love Story*
2001 Worlds - SP Come Rain or Come Shine*, Profile, LP Tristan and Isolde*, Studio Interview, Medals
Ceremony, Profile (ABC), LP Tristan and Isolde* (ABC), Medals Ceremony (ABC), Ex
Cha Cha Cha D’Amour, Encore La Vie En Rose
2001 Skate America - Profile, LP Adagio Sostenuto, Medals Clips
2001 Skate Canada - SP Jalousie*, Profile, LP Adagio Sostenuto*, Ex-Profile, Cha Cha Cha
D’Amour, Encore Jalousie, Medals Clips, J&D as Commentators
2002 Grand Prix Final - 2 Profiles

2002: Salé & Pelletier #2
2002 Grand Prix Final - SP Jalousie*, LP Adagio Sostenuto*, Profile (ABC), LP Love Story* (ABC), LP
Love Story* Medals Clips Ex-Singing, X-Mas memories, Cha Cha Cha D’Amour,
2002 Canadians - SP Jalousie*, LP Adagio Sostenuto, Mastercard Commercial, Interview day after LP, Ex-
Elvis Comments, Profile, Rockin’ the Boogie, Tribute/Finale
2002 Today Show - Jalousie
2002 Olympics - Pairs Preview (NBC), Pairs Preview, SP Practice clips
2002 The National Profile
2002 TSN Team Canada Profile
2002 Olympics - Preview, Pairs Profile, Olympians Profile, SP Jalousie*, LP Practice clips, SP Pairs
Preview (NBC), Profile (NBC), SP Jalousie (NBC), LP Practice clips, LP Preview (NBC),
LP Preview, Olympians Profile, Practice clips

2002: Salé & Pelletier #3
2002 Olympics - LP Love Story*, Pairs LP Preview (NBC), LP Love Story* (NBC), Medals Ceremony
(NBC), Interview with Tracey (NBC), Medals Ceremony, Interview with Terry Libel
(part), Interview with Brian Williams clip, Medals Plaza Appearance, Interview with
Sandra, Interview clips, Interview with Jay Leno, Interview with Larry King, Interview
clips, Interview with Bob Costas, Interview with Ron Maclean, Interview with Scott &
Sandra, Gold Medal Ceremony (NBC)

Salé & Pelletier #4
Various Olympic interviews

2002: Salé & Pelletier #5
2002 Olympics - Interview after Gold Medal Ceremony (NBC), Gold Medal Ceremony*, Ex-Rockin’ the
Boogie, Rockin’ the Boogie + Encore (NBC), Finale (NBC), Closing Ceremonies, Closing
Ceremonies (NBC)
2002 A Golden Homecoming - Love Story (part), Opening, Interview, Rockin’ the Boogie, Imagine, Finale
2002 Shared Gold (NBC) - Love Story, Interviews, Rockin’ the Boogie, Group clips, Imagine, Finale clip

2002: Salé & Pelletier #6
2002 Sears Open - Jamie’s comments, Interview with Debbie, SP Jalousie*, Pairs Moves (warm-up), AP
Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’*
2002 Skater’s Championship (NBC) - AP Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’*
2002 Holiday Festival On Ice - Opening, Off-ice shots throughout, Santa Claus is Coming to Town,
Christmas Canon (group), Come Fly With Me, Finale
2002 Skater’s Championship (NBC) - Pairs Preview, SP Jalousie*, Profile, AP warm-up
2002 Ray Charles Tribute On Ice - Opening, Off-ice shots throughout, Drift Away, SOI profile, Profile, I
Got A Woman, Let It Be (group), Finale

2002-2003: Salé & Pelletier #7
2002 Salute to Gold - Opening, Off-ice shots throughout, Imagine, Profile, Rockin’ the Boogie, Profile,
2002 Skater’s Championship (CBC) - Practice clips, Profile, SP Jalousie*, Game Faces Interview, Profile,
AP Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’*
2003 US Stars On Ice - Can’t Stop Finale (shown as opening), Interview with Scott, Loving’ Touchin’
Squeezin’, A Little Less Conversation, Sing Sing Sing, Can’t Stop Finale clips
2002 Sk8 With Elvis - Rockin’ the Boogie, Imagine, Finale clips

The S&P articles I miscellaneous, I have about 10 or 11 of them. They're from Time, Macleans, Newsweek, People, and Chatelaine.

Again, e-mail Bella_384@hotmail.com if interested. BTW, I'm only trading. Thanks!