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Thread: Just missed BeBe, but Lysacek is looking good

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    Just missed BeBe, but Lysacek is looking good

    Once again, I found myself in El Segundo today, so I thought I'd check out what was going on at the Healthsouth center. As luck would have it, I passed Beatrisa Liang and her mother in the parking lot. They were leaving the place just as I arrived. Oh well, I stuck around and watched Evan Lysacek work on his triple loop jump for about 15 minutes, then got bored and left.

    Next time, I hope my work takes me into the neighborhood a little earlier. It might be interesting seeing her work with Frank & Ken.

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    Thanks for the report!!

    ANY time you get by the rink, I would sure love to hear what's going on. Were those 3 Loops any good? I hope so since I'm sure it did get boring watching the same move over and over. But at least we're 2 for 2 on LP costumes... (the second one being better than that Zebra number)


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