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Thread: Thursday - Comp Dance

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    Thursday - Comp Dance

    Juvenile Dance Compulsory Dance

    CAN Johansen / Miller Start No: 1
    Notes: her in mauve /
    14 step - she has a very nice back / bit off time on 1st pattern mohawk, better on rest / good speed & flow throughout the dance / 18.41 /
    European - a little bit swingy on the side patterns / pretty good waltz feel to it / 3 turns had good feet position / 18.13 /

    CAN Hayman / Hayman Start No: 2
    Notes: dark wine velvet with pattern skirt
    14 step - / he doesn't point his toes on the swing rolls / end steps are too far apart and not smooth / 15.07 / 2nd /
    European - bit off timing on the 3 turns - not quite getting the 'drop 3' effect on the end patterns / need more extension & better posture / 15.78 /

    CAN Nielsen / Molnar Start No: 3
    Notes: light mint green
    14step / definitely a step up from the other teams - great extension by both on the swing rolls and nice close smooth end patterns / 20.29 / 1st /
    European - skated 1st / nice close positions - neat feet on the turns by both / timing seemed good / 21.71 /

    CAN Maekawa / Maekawa Start No: 4
    Notes: both in black her with lace skirt
    14 step - cute opening / the music for all the teams is "Consider yourself' / timing is good - need to work a bit on line and extension / end pattern steps were nicely done - close together / 16.99 /
    European - skated 2nd / very swingy on turns on side patterns / timing seems good / doesn't really have a waltz feel to it / 16.13

    Pre-Nov Dance Compulsory Dance

    CAN Friend / Rohon-O'Halloran Start No: 1
    Notes: her in red with one shoulder him in white tuxedo shirt /
    foxtrot / neither of them point their toes or turn their free leg out / timing seems pretty good / steps are a bit ragged and she tends to jumps /chotcaw 16.46
    American Waltz - she's now in pink / timing is pretty good but they're just that tiny bit out of sync with each other that they don't have the lilt / neither extends their free leg enough / 15.14 / tot 15.8 /

    CAN Tan / Derry Start No: 2
    Notes: quite a difference in heigh between them / her in dark green
    Foxtrot - / smoother than the 1st team and she's very nice on the chotcaw / they match legs quite well, esp with the height difference. Niether of them extend their free leg or point their toes very well / timing seemed good / 19.12 /
    American Waltz - skated 1st / bit of an almost false start / their free legs are moving pretty much together but lines don’t quite match - pattern a little shallow / timing seemed ok for the most part / 16.2 / 17.66 overall

    CAN Scott / Ahluwalia Start No: 3
    Notes: black velvet with white trim
    Foxtrot - / nice lilt in the chotcaw / there's a real nice smoothness to most of their dance and their leg lines match quite well / 22.23 /
    American Waltz - very nice lilt to the dance and the 3turns seem right on with the timing and are very neat / they looked very matched in their line & extension - pretty dance to watch / 24.58 ./ tot 23.49

    Novice Dance Compulsory Dance

    CAN Rithaler / Rithaler Start No: 1
    Notes: very very dark green velvet with white skirt & sleeves /
    Starlight Waltz - he slipped & fell where they change to open position at the end of 1st pattern / I'm not sure of the timing on this dance or the exact steps / they seemed to be rushing it in places though / free legs need more extension / 18.0 /
    Blues - she caught her edge in the 1st end pattern swing roll / they match well, but seem to be skating slow - nice blues feel for most of the steps but lose it somewhat on the side pattern / 18.01 / tot 18.01

    CAN Clegg / Rossol Start No: 2
    Notes: her in yellow with sequin floral design down front (very nice) him in white tuxedo shirt with yellow tie & cummerbund /
    starlight waltz - very nice matching lines & flow / good waltz feel / it seemed to me that they might have been rushing the dance a bit at times, but that could be because I don't know the dance / 22.46 /
    Blues - him now in black shirt her in dark navy with open back / nice match between them and good blues feel / their back outside rolls at each corner of the rink aren't quite deep enough or something - they just don't feel quite right / 20.94 / tot 21.7 /

    CAN Marlo / Cant Start No: 3
    Notes: her in purple him in white shirt with purple vest /
    Starlight waltz - lost contact on the position change on 1st pattern and missed a couple of steps / she seems to jump the Choctaw / nice matching line but both could extend more / 20.98 /
    Blues - they've both changed him in a black shirt her in black & blue dress / timing seems pretty good / they're just that tiny bit out of sync with their free legs that makes it look a bit ragged at times / edges and lean aren't as deep as they could be / 21.25 / tot 21.12

    CAN Van Soeren / Denney Start No: 4
    Notes: her in white him in white shirt & black pants /
    Starlight Waltz - nice lilt to their dance - very nice on the change of position / opening steps in the dance looked like chasis with this team, with the other 2 I thought they were progressives - not sure which is correct - with the scores given, I'd say that this team was correct / 23.07 / 1st
    Blues - both in black now / nice matching lines and lilt / feels like a blues / 24.13 / tot 23.61 /

    Junior Dance Compulsory Dance

    CAN Hann-McCurdy / Coreno Start No: 1
    Notes: both in black her in lacey dress with deep V / both have gold blades
    Paso - very good speed & flow / nice precise steps / pattern shifted a bit each time / good matching free legs / 27.95 /

    CAN Harvey / Gagnon Start No: 2
    Notes: her in red asymetrical skirt with black trim him in black with red cummerbund/sash
    Paso - pattern stayed consistent / timing seemed good - didn't quite have the 'snap' especially on the steps after the scissors / 24.40 /
    Quickstep – exhibition – didn’t take notes – had to catch the last shuttle

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    Junior Free Dance/Junior OD B.C.

    Gold Blades, that is cool. Did you see the Junior Free Dances/Junior OD, did anyone in B.C. see the Junior Free Dances. Would love to hear some feedback. Thank you anyone.

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    Too bad Natalie and Will Rithaler didn't do better They've been friends of mine since they were super little and I'd love it if they had skated their best.

    Thanks for posting all these! It's great to read your review

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