Pre-Juv Men Free Program
After watching (but not taking notes) the Pre-Juv Ladies, I found the Men this year to be weaker in general than I expected. I didn’t note any of their single jumps except the axel (

CAN Sawyer Fonda Start No: 1
Notes: red shirt with diag yellow stripe / big band / some nice movement to start / 1a / 2s really slow into it fell / cam-sit spin pos weak but spin was ok / 2t (toe-axel) / 1a1t / flycam to end / strt ftwrk went with music and was fairly complex for pre-juv / 15.31

CAN Evan Lochhead Start No: 2
Notes: bright light blue shirt black suspenders / hit the road jack? / sit ch sit is centered and ok pos / quite good speed & expression / S frtwrk is quite good / 2s under rot / 2s under rot 2ft / trouble on camel spin / 1a turnout / 2s under rot 2ft / another sit ch sit? Weak pos / 14.93 /

CAN Broderick Thompson Start No: 3
Notes: dark brown tunic with white shirt with billowly sleeves under / 1a2t bit iffy on landing of toe - good spring on a / fly cam good fly pos & spin a bit weak / 2s under rot a bit but stood up / I just missed a jump / nice back spiral into 1a / 2f under rot but not by a lot / cam sit attempt at back cam / I thought I saw him do a very good dia step seq in warmup but didn't see it in the program - not sure if he did it (or it was him) or if I just didn't see it / 14.31

CAN Brenden Thew Start No: 4
Notes: black v-neck sweater with red lightning bolt on back red & gold stripe tie / 2s / music starts very delicate / nice sit to upright variation to back scratch / 1a / sit ch sit front sit good pos, back a bit weak but good spin / 1a weird 2ft landing / nice strt ftwrk / lung into 2t - no height but think it was clean / series of single jumps ending in 2s / spread eagle 1z into final pose / 18.61 / currently 1st /

CAN Zhao Kai Pang Start No: 5
Notes: shades of mint green with silver triagle on front / 1a / very good sit ch sit front esp / 2t turnout / flycam good fly - spin weak / 2s / leg to side of head then spiral / think there was a 2l he fell on / strt ftwrk is quite good / nice cam pos (for this level) into sit / he moved pretty well with music but not a lot of expression / 18.64 / currently 1st /

CAN Jordan Ju Start No: 6
Notes: light brown tunic over white shirt / 2s nice / 2f rot put free foot down a bit quick / nice 1/2 sit spin / 2l rot fell / back hydro blade / nice fly cam / his skating skills & movement is the best of the lot / 2t2t not sure if both rot / nice strt ftwrk / 1a / 1/2 to scratch spin / 22.67 / in 1st by a big margin /

Juvenile Men Free Program

CAN Leonardo Maekawa Start No: 1
Notes: black & grey plaid pants with patches - yellow & orange striped shirt. Can we say Kurt / 2t2t / nice broken leg sit to back tuck sit to open leg / circus music / 2f or z almost sat / 2z / 1a / some expression & chor to slower music with back outside spread eagle into 2l very nice / 2z turns 2t very tight on landing / 2s turns 2l / fly back sit with tuck / music speeds up for strt ftwrk and he does it very well / broken leg sit spin into final pos / nice program - he had good flow & speed pretty much through the whole thing / 30.71 /

CAN Shane Firus Start No: 2
Notes: blond hair / black with red front shirt / snare drums to open / 2a / missed something into 2z hands down / 2s / he's very fast / 2f? Fell then hit his head on ice but right back up and into strt ftwrk / 2t / his posture is quite hunched at times - in fact most of the prejuv boys were somewhat hunched as well / I missed a bit of stuff - ended with a nice spin, but way ahead of his music / 18.62 /

CAN Qwynn Dalmer Start No: 3
Notes: red shirt with bit of sparkle black pants with red stripe / 1a started a series of single jumps / 2z kind of stumbled out of it / flycam back scratch / 2l didn't really get off ice / back hydro black into combo spin ending in headless / 2z2t had the toe then fell / music speeds up and changes to what reminds me of spy for dia ftwrk - pretty good / next came a couple of double jumps, but I'm not sure what they were / spin ending in scratch to close the program / 22.51 / 2nd place

CAN Bryan Chau Start No: 4
Notes: powder blue blousy shirt black pants / celtic feel to music / 2l turns 2s / epic movie - familiar / bailed on flip / 1f / flycam - good fly free leg droppy / 2t hopped out of it / nice centered spin / 2s / some swordplay in chor / strt ftwrk - 1st part very nice, 2nd a bit empty / cam sit back sit upright spin to end / 20.08 /

CAN Pollux Yeung Start No: 5
Notes: lime green & black with tux effect on one side / 2a high nice / 2t / very good speed & expression / huge 2z both hands down - probably too big 2t / I missed a jump / nice 2z / music changes for sit ch sit with nice variations / 2f / flycam with good fly & very nice pos / strt ftwrk is fast & quite complex bit of a slip in the middle I think / 2l / cam sit A back sit 1/2 sit - bit weak on camel / good skate and a bunch of the kids were really cheering at the end / 32.32 / 1st right now

CAN Micahel Chang Start No: 6
Notes: dark brown with yellow accents & chinese character on back / heavy dramatic music off start & martial arts kicks / 2z2t / 2f or 2t? Didn't see takeoff / 1a / flycam bit of trouble on landing but managed to hang on to the spin / music softens and a couple of nice spirals / fell on a jump I didn't see / 2f turns 2t / camsit back sit open leg - nice spin / 1z / strt ftwrk is in character & has some nice moves / 2s hand down / sit spin to 1/2 sit with tuck into closing pose / good energy & speed throughout, but I don't think it was his day for the jumps / 24.26

CAN Graeme Gordon Start No: 7
Notes: black with silver vest effect & silver stripe down leg / violin music to start / some nice chor into 1a / sit spin very well timed with music / what the music is is buging me - I feel like I should know / his single jumps have pretty good height but his doubles are very spinny and barely get off the ice / he's slower than the others but has good expression and works with his music. / 17.14 / 6th

Novice Men Short Program

CAN Brett Terrillon Start No: 1
Notes: red t-shirt wil black stripe down arms / 2a bit forward on landing but right on beat of music / 3s rotated but sat / 3turns into back xfoot fast spin - travelled / O ftwrk is with the music / flycam with nice fly & good pos bit slow / ftwrk 2z / cam back cam sit with pos var to front sit / he's working at skating with the music and does it for most of the program / bit jerky in much of his movement / 17.62 /

CAN Patrick Wong Start No: 2
Notes: silver tshirt with navy trim navy pants with silver down one leg / mario bros / starts with some ftwrk with the music / nice 2a / he's got excellent speed & flow / ftwrk into 3t hand down 2t / xfoot spin is fast & centered / O ftwrk is complex & right with music / there's nice chor touches throughout / flycam with bent leg layover / ftwrk length of ice into 2z / cam sit tuck leg at side back sit inside edge xfoot / very nice skate / 30.89 / 1st /

CAN Joel Beales Start No: 3
Notes: black & grey tishirt one balck glove & one white / 2a bit spinny fell out / xfoot started out good - got a bit stuck at end / 3s just hung one 2t / 2z bit wild in air / flycam has very droopy leg / his speed is quite good / O ftwrk really moves - maybe a bit simple / cam sit back sit with variation scratch - sit spins are excellent, camel weak / 20.02 / 2nd /

CAN Andrew Lum Start No: 4
Notes: red satin shirt with black design on yoke / some chor to opening - nice / 2a is nice / really moving with music / 3s went up crooked - step out / nice combo spin very good pos except camel is weak / ftwrk into 2z / flycam with good pos & speed / O ftwrk is right with music and very fast & complex uses whole body / good xfoot spin to end / I enjoyed the program and it suits him / 28.11 / 2nd

CAN Christopher Cowell Start No: 5
Notes: black shirt & pants with red patches on shirt - reminds me of Yag's winter top / ftwrk 2z / xfoot spin was very good going into it but slowed down very fast / O ftwrk was with music but seemed empty / 2a not sure if fully rot / cam sit back cam hopped to hold it very slow throughout / fell almost into boards - didn't really see what happened - think he might have just tripped / 2f2t not sure about 1st jump / didn't see start of final spin / 16.2 / 5th

CAN Robbie Harrison Start No: 6
Notes: black tshirt with lighting bolt in silver on back - rock star onfront & jeans / music is Rush / staccato music to start with good movement to match / very good fly cam / 3s very tight on landing but hung on 2t / O ftwrk is fast & big - complex & with music / right into 2a / neat spread eagles into hydro blade then foot at side / missed pick going into spin & fell / split jump ftwrk 2z / back xfoot is good / he's a powerful skater / 27.91 / 3rd /

CAN Jason Smith Start No: 7
Notes: tied dyed tshirt with peace sign on front black siny pants / 2a had it then both hands down behind him / didn't really see the spin / 3s came out early almost forward / combo spin is good with nice sit variations / O ftwrk is good / ftwrk pause 2z free foot down a bit quick / xfoot spin to end is quite good / 17.93 /