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Thread: Friday - Pre-Nov Men - Short Program

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    Friday - Pre-Nov Men - Short Program

    CAN Charlie Lee Start No: 1
    Notes: black / jazzy - fast / bailed on axel / O ftwrk has some good moments / combo spin is good / 1z2t / 2s is rotated but very little height / flycam is ok - bent positions intentionally / xfoot got the rotation was pretty good / skated to his music / 15.05 /

    CAN Braeden Donaldson Start No: 2
    Notes: med blue shirt with design / flycam very nice fly free leg could be better extended / 2a2t toe was very spinny / combo spin is fast & centered with good pos / he has very good speed & flow / O ftwrk is right with the music and fairly complex / 2a landed with a big smile - bit forward / ftwrk 2s / back xfoot actually speeds up - very nice with good pos / he's happy (and so he should be) / 23.68 currently 1st /

    CAN Wade Warwaruk Start No: 3
    Notes: black tshirt bright yellow pants / big band / flycam excellent fly & good speed free leg is quite good - exited the spin on 1 foot right with flourish of music / 2f almost sat 2l almost sat / ftwrk 2s / 1a / combo spin almost lost it on cam but got it back for sit and then almost lost the back sit / he used his music quite well / 13.63 currently 3rd /

    CAN Max Correia Start No: 4
    Notes: dark grey shiny long sleeve tshirt / high 2a 2t bit uncontrolled in air / combo spin almost lost it on the cam good sit & back sit / O ftwrk started with extended bit of 1foot skating / 2s / flycam think it got the 5 revs - weak pos / spread eagle into 2a - stuggled a bit to hold it but did / xfoot had good speed until the last rev or so / 21.95 currently 2nd /

    CAN Kevin Caron Start No: 5
    Notes: black long sleeve tshirt with diag blue wavey insets / 2s / 2z2l think the loop was pre rotate / back cam sit forward cam sit scratch - centered with good speed / O ftwrk bit of slip 3/4 way through / back xfoot is excellent - very good speed - not entirely sure that 2nd was properly on ice though / 2a / didn't really see the fly camel spin that ended the program / very good speed & flow / 23.08 currently 2nd /

    CAN Rhys Anderson Start No: 6
    Notes: black & yellow tiger stripe tshirt / theme from shaft / good expression right off start / O ftwrk is fast & fairly complex / flycam - good fly - spin a bit weak / 2a 2foot but think rotated / back xfoot is very good / 1z2t - pick slipped going into the z / 2s / cam with variation back cam sit upright holding foot to open leg upright / 19.085 currently 4th /

    CAN Ronald Lam Start No: 7
    Notes: light green & blue shades in diag with purple tie - think maybe the same as last year / big band starts with drums / nice 2a / and some chor - very good speed & flow/ 3l fell - not sure if fully rot / combo spin is well done ending in xfoot / 2s / flycam very good pos with variation - fly could have been better / ftwrk is good with speed & flow / back xfoot is very good / 24.79 currently 1st /

    CAN Cameron Gibson Start No: 8
    Notes: dark grey shirt over black tshirt black gloves / flycam good fly & pretty good pos / very nice back outside spread eagle / 1a / camsit back sit upright - very good speed & centered / 2s / 2l2l hand down then fell out of 2nd loop / 15.23 currently 6th/

    CAN Josiah Early Start No: 9
    Notes: red shirt with black suspenders / big band / didn't see opening cam spin / O ftwrk is with & musc - bit simple looking / combo spin is well-done / 2a fell / 2z think he tried 3t on endd but was short revs / didn't see a spin - fixing typos / 18.56 currently 6th

    CAN Tyler Leduc Start No: 10
    Notes: black t-shirt & panats with silver belt / 3t hand down 2t / 2a is big / back xfoot is ok / sries of spread eagles in to 2a / flycam gets revs in - spin is weak though / O ftwrk is ok / cams it tuck back sit to upright / 2s was in there but I didn't note it when he did it / 24.86 currently 1st /

    CAN Malcom Rohon-O'Halloran Start No: 11
    Notes: black with white stripes on shoulders / some neat pantomime at start / 2f2l / cam sit upright back sit open leg xfoot - changed pos with beat of music / 1a / O ftwrk turns both directions / flycam is a bit slow - pos is pretty good / 2s might have been a bit quick with free foot / xfoot is pretty good / 19.85 currently 6th /

    CAN Jason Cheperdak Start No: 12
    Notes: black with white checkerboard down one side of chest / 2s / flycam very good speed & extension with hans behind back / 1a / O ftwrk is a bit slow - fairly complex / xfoot travelled quite badly - think he got the revvs in / 2z2t / very nice spiral / combo spin starts with cam sit 1/2 sit with hands down almost lost it on back camel but managed to hang on / 20.05 currently 6th /

    CAN Liam Firus Start No: 13
    Notes: dark bight blue shirt / a whole load of kids from North Shore sitting in front of me and huge cheers for him / excellent fast centered xfoot / take 5 is the music / 2z2t nice & neat / 1a / he's tiny - his movement reminds me of a young Kurt / O ftwrk is very good / combo spin with very good pos / he has a nice ease of movement - very fluid / 2s / flycam got a tiny bit slow at end - very good extension / 22.39 currently 5th /

    CAN Kurtis Hori Start No: 14
    Notes: dark grey unitard with rope effect winding around his body / combo spin with nice looking beillman / very good expressionn right off start / catch foot into 2z kind of stumbled out - bad wrap on the free leg / 1a / flycam with layover has gorgeous extension / 2s / O ftwrk is right with music / back xfoot is quite good / this kid is quite the character on the ice / 18.24 currently 11th /

    CAN Ian Paone Start No: 15
    Notes: red tshirt black pants / 2s / chariotts of fire / back cam sit with tuck front sit - some good pos but spin is a bit weak / axel didn't get off ice then I think he tried again and fell / and then I missed what the spin was / a bit of chor into O ftwrk - he a bit awkward on the ice - almost as if he's grown a lot recently and isn't used to his size / 2a2t is very well done - nice air position on both and then I didn't really see the xfoot spin to end /

    CAN Dylan Archambault Start No: 16
    Notes: yellow orange green & blue panels on top / some chor right with music to start / 2z2t nice & clean / 2a sat / fly cam with layover & pos variation / O ftwrk is with music fairly complex / back xfoot is quite good / nice extension move with beat of music / 2s / combo spin with sit variaitons leg at side & xfoot / 17.55 /

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    Thanks for these reports Rosaleen. I like to pick someone at random and root for him even though these are all unknown skaters to me.

    How old are competitors in the pre-novice division? Are most of them young kids who are on track to move up rapidly, or are them some older boys who just like to skate at this level for fun?


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    Do you know what happened with the judging on the Pre-novice Men's short program as the final marks were quite a bit different from the announced marks in several cases? Thanks if you have an answer.

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