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Thread: Shizuka Arakawa

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    Shizuka's lp is my favorite program of the season. Excellent choice of music!!! If only she & Tarasova could iron out the jump problems, so that she can really let the music inspire her more. There have got to be jump technicians in Japan or Russia, who can help her fix her rotation issues. I love her effortless power, regal elegance, and silky smoooth edges. If Shizuka get's her act together, she could be formidable.

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    Yeah, Rgirl, I agree TT is one of the bigest strategyist in FS. From these two competetions COC and TEB, looks like they are concentrating on LP as for now. Not try to be the target score every one will try to aim for.

    I'm not so concern about her jumps now. Usually for these elite skaters they can have jump back and ready in four weeks. Right now is working on programs getting used to the musics and make your skating in tunne with the music and see where can milk out more points without disrupt an already flowed program. This need brains and strategy, this is where TT for.....when Japan National comes around I'd expect her back to her Japanese coach(more technique concetrate) works on jumps.

    I'm also wondering why she underroted 3/3 or even just triples. Still remember last year Campbells, when Raphael saw her first time after 2004 worlds. Raphael said Arakawa's 3/3s are still so beautyful. He was not known for encourage skaters to put cheated jumps (even 1/8th turn) into the programs.

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