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    Please Help!

    I lost some of my tapes and I need someone to please make a tape of some things for me. It's kindda sparadic, but I'm desparate! I need:

    -Lu Chen's sp & lp for 94' Olympics
    -Michelle KWan's & Tanja S.'s sp & lp from 94' Worlds
    -Nicole Bobek sp & lp 95' Nationals
    -Michelle Kwan, Nicole Bobek, & Lu Chen's sp & lp 95' Worlds
    -Michelle Kwan, Lu Chen, & Irina Slutskya sp & lp 96' Worlds
    -Nicole Bobek sp & lp '97 Nationals
    -Michelle Kwan, Tara Lipinski, & Irina Slutskya lp 97' Worlds
    -Michelle Kwan & Nicole Bobek sp & lp 98' Nationals
    -Michelle Kwan & Lu Chen lp 98' Olympics
    -Irina Slutskya, Vanessa Gusmeroli, & Maria Buturskya sp 00' Worlds
    -Silverstein & Pekarek fd 2000 Nationals
    -Lang & T(totally can't spell his last name) fd 2001 Nationals
    -Irina Slutskya sp & lp 2001 Worlds
    -Michelle Kwan's 2002 Olympic Exhibition
    -Irina Slutskya's sp &lp 2002 Worlds

    The ice dance stuff is purley optional, what I really need is the Michelle Kwan, Nicole Bobek, and Lu Chen stuff. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP! If you can in anyway, email me at
    (please don't ask)

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    Re: Please Help!

    I don't have time to make a custom tape at the moment, but pretty well all of the Lu Chen things you are looking for are on my Lulu compilation tape, I think. I chose her best performances from each season. If you're in the States it's US$8; if you're in Canada it's Can$8 for Ontario or Quebec, Can$10 for other provinces, because of the different postal rates.

    shawnie21, I'll send you this note by e-mail as well, but I thought I'd post it in case you look here first.

    Here's what's on the tape; it's 2 hours, I copy it at SP, and the quality is good to excellent:

    1990/91 season
    Exhibition: "Gaieté Parisienne" (section of long program). From 1991 World Jr. Championships.
    Long program: "Gaieté Parisienne". From 1991 World Championships. Lacks first few seconds.

    1991/92 season
    Short program: "Unchained Melody" / Beetlejuice. From 1992 World Championships
    Long program (junior version): "Capriccio Español". From 1992 World Jr. Championships
    Long program (senior version): "Capriccio Español". From 1992 Olympics.

    1992/93 season
    Short program: "Unchained Melody" / Beetlejuice. From 1993 World Championships.
    Long program: "Nausicaa". From 1993 World Championships.

    1993/94 season
    Short program: "Claire de Lune". From 1993 Skate Canada.
    Long program: "Nausicaa". From 1994 Olympics
    Exhibition: "What Child Is This?" Excerpt from closing number, "Holiday Festival on Ice", 1993.
    Exhibition: "Gone But Not Forgotten". From 1993 Skate Canada.
    Exhibition: Aria from Lakmé. From 1993 Skate Canada. (Lu also used this number in the 92/93 season).
    Feature from 1994 Worlds (where she did not skate).

    1994/95 season
    Short program: Mendelssohn Piano Concerto. From 1995 World Championships
    Long program: The Last Emperor. From 1995 World Championships
    Exhibition: "Love Scenes". From 1995 World Championships

    1995/96 season
    Short program: "Spring Breeze". From 1996 World Championships
    Long program: Rachmaninov 2nd Piano Concerto. From 1996 World Championships
    Exhibition: "Such a Woman". From "Greatest Hits on Ice" (ca. 1995)
    Exhibition: "Caoineadh Cu Chulainn" from Riverdance. From the 1996 Tour of Champions.

    1996/97 season
    Short program: "Take Five". From 1997 World Championships.

    1997/98 season
    Short program: "Adios Noniño". From 1998 Olympics
    Feature from 1998 Olympics
    Long program: "Butterfly Lovers". From 1998 Olympics
    Exhibition: "Butterfly" (Mariah Carey). From 1998 Olympics

    1998/99 season
    "No Man Left For Me" (Will Rogers Follies). From Skaters' Tribute to Broadway.
    "Will He Like Me?" (She Loves Me). From Skaters' Tribute to Broadway.
    "Black Magic Woman". From 1998/99 Stars on Ice.
    "Peel Me a Grape". From U.S. Pro Classic.

    A really good place to get copies of Michelle Kwan programs is the Michelle Kwan forum. Try posting a request here:

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