First I'll post the two tapes on Michelle (full six hours on each one). Each tape comes with the contents also.
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Order of contents:
1993 — Olympic Festival — 13 years old — SP (medium blue
costume); LP (pink costume)
1993 — Skate America — 13 years old — LP (dark pink
1994 — US Nationals — 13 years old — SP (light blue costume)
LP (dark pink costume)
1994 — Worlds — 13 years and the only woman representing
the USA; SP (light blue costume); LP (dark pink costume)
1995 — US Nationals — 14 years old — SP (multi pink
costume); LP (solid pink costume)
1995 — Worlds — 14 years old — SP (blue & white multi stripe
costume); LP (multi pink costume)
1996 — US Nationals — 15 years old — SP (red costume); LP
(dark blue & flesh costume)
1996 — International Champions Final (this was the first year
of what is now called the Grand Prix, and it was done
after Worlds); SP (red); LP (blue & flesh); PODIUM
1996 — Worlds — 15 years old — SP (red costume); LP (dark
blue & flesh costume)
1997 — US Nationals — 16 years old — SP (black costume);
LP (dark pink with gold costume)
1997 — Worlds — 16 years old — SP (black costume); LP (red
with pink sash); PODIUM; Exhibition (white dress)
1997 — Information piece on why Michelle did not compete in
the International Champions Final
1998 — US Nationals — 17 years old — SP (red & white
costume); LP (light blue); Campbell’s Soup Commercial
1998 — Olympics — 17 years old — SP (red & white
costume); LP (light blue)
1998 — Worlds — 17 years old — SP not televised — LP
(light Blue); PODIUM — Exhibition (maroon)
1999 — US Nationals — 18 years old — SP (black costume);
LP (lavender costume)
Short interview with Michelle and Brian Boitano
1999 — Worlds — 18 years old — Qualifying (1st year this
was part of the scoring); SP (Black costume); LP
(lavender costume)
2000 — US Nationals — 19 years old — SP (red with silver
slashes costume); LP (dark maroon costume)
2000 — Worlds — 19 years old — SP (red with silver slashes);
LP (dark maroon), PODIUM!
2001 — US Nationals — 20 years old — SP (black with silver);
LP (cream costume)
2001 — Grand Prix Final — Final (new) long program
(Miraculous Mandarin <black costume with white
squiggles on it>); Michelle & Irina in Kiss & Cry
2001 — Worlds — 20 years old — Qualifying (maroon); SP
(orange & yellow); LP (maroon); PODIUM; Exhibition (gold
sparkling dress)

Order of contents:
Review of 2001 — Michelle’s Long Program (maroon dress)
“What child is this?” - small biography
1994 - World Junior Championships - SP (light blue); LP
(pink); Podium and interview
1999 - World Professional Championships LP (white) “East of
1999 - Hershey Kisses Challenge LP (gold lace) “One More
1999 - Master’s of Figure Skating LP (lavender) “Kissing You”
2000 - Master’s of Figure Skating LP (light pink) “Beautiful
Commentary by Jim Huber
2000 - Japan Open - opens with a piece on Michelle; LP
(beige) “Hands”, interview, Podiums
2000 - Champions on Ice - piece on Michelle; “The World is
Not Enough” (black unitard)
2001 - Champions on Ice - piece on Michelle; “This Time
Around” (gold dress)
Michelle’s ’02 Olympic commercial
2001 - A & E’s Fire on Ice piece on Michelle
Michelle on the cartoon show “Arthur”
2001 - Great American Figure Skating Challenge - “This Time
Around” (gold)
2001 - Goodwill Games - small bio on Michelle; ladies petting
Koalas; another piece; SP (purple);leaderboard,
interview; LP (dark blue); interview; Podium
Wide World of Sports 40th Anniversary piece on Michelle
2001 - Skate America - piece on Michelle’s breakup with
Frank Carroll; LP (2 piece dark pink); interview
2001 - Skate Canada - preview by Peggy Fleming; SP (light
pink); short piece; LP (black)
2001 - Salute to Women in Sports - a piece on Michelle
2001 - Master’s of Figure Skating - Michelle talking with
Rosalyn Sumners; SP “EOE” (purple); leaderboard;
LP “FOG” (light blue); piece on Michelle and the split
with Frank
2001 - Hershey’s Figure Skating Challenge - “FOG” (light
pink); interview with Michelle and Dorothy H.
‘01-’02 GPF - Prelude of ladies; 1st LP “SOTBS” (black &
flesh); leaderboard; interview; 2nd LP “Schez” (red);
interview; peek at Podium
Allstar Olympic Salute - clip of Michelle carrying the Olympic
2002 Nationals - ladies preview; SP (purple); interview; piece
on MK; LP (red); interview; clip of Podium; profile and
exhibition; exhibition closing with the USA Olympic Team
Michelle on TV Guide
Excerpts from Bud Greenspreen special on Michelle Kwan
Commercial “Coming to America”
2002 Olympics - clips of opening ceremonies; interview with
Michelle; Ross the Intern on Michelle; piece on Michelle;
SP (purple); leaderboard; interview; another piece on
Michelle with Katie Courik; LP (red); leaderboard;
interview; Podium; Tim Goebel crying; exhibition (gold)
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Michelle wearing a long
black dress (when asked if she was going to the Worlds
and Michelle answered yes, the scream was from me <I
was in the audience>!)
2002 Worlds - LP (red); leaderboard; interview with Michelle &
Irina; review of Michelle’s worlds medals; Podium
Closing inspirational comments taken from Wide World of
Sports 40th Anniversary, a Michelle quote; and from Bud
Greenspreen of “those who fall and get back up”.

“Have fun, work hard, and be yourself” - Michelle Kwan

Long may this beautiful young lady grace our hearts with her talent, wisdom, and unending grace.