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Thread: Sports Heroes - Scott Hamilton

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    Sports Heroes - Scott Hamilton

    Here's a link to an interesting write-up on 1984 Olympic champion Scott Hamilton:

    As we know, Scott battled testicular cancer in 1997 and returned to the ice as a professional skater as soon as he could do so. And we also know that a non-cancerous tumor was discovered in Scott's brain a few years ago. It is a slow- growing tumor that has caused blurred vision.

    I can only hope and pray that Scott overcomes this latest adversity.

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    according to a recent article Scott is well enough to be the lead analyst for NBC's olympic coverage

    as of last season he doubted he'd be able to as he couldn't see well due to the tumor, obviously the pressure has receded enough for him to feel confident in his ability to call the evening

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    I certainly hope the tumor will not not cause him any further medical problems. All the best to you, Scott!!

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