I am 35 years old, I love figure skating, 10 years ago, I had a very bad accident, and I broke my spine. So I just cant work no more because very often I just cant walk at all. So my main interest is t.v. and watching figure skating. When I watch figure skating, I love it so much that it is like my pain in my back and legs is less painfull. So I started in 2000 to build my own collection of tapes, but before that, I have almost nothing. Since I watch tv. often, love figure skating, I was just thincking that maybe some people over here would be able to donate to me what they do not need anymore or they have in double or even simply make a copy of something nice for me.

I am willing to pay the cost for shipping, handling and of course the cost of the tape.

So instead of throwing your tapes away because you do not need them anymore, or they take too much place, just keep in mind that it could be given to a hill person and that she would take good care of them and she would appreciate it. Even if you are capable of giving only one tape has a good gesture, I will take what ever the fans wants to give.

Unfortunately, I had two persons in the past that responded to this kind of add that I put on another forum and both of them, the first one, asked for the shipping fees and never never gave back any news, and the other one, promessed me to send the tapes she had and did not want any more and she just left me there again. So if you want to make me an offer of something, make sure that you are serious about it. because I was so hurt by these persons that they did not keep their word, I can understand someone changing her mind because we were talking about an entire collection here, but the least the could have done is tell me.

So you are welcome to make a donation of a tape of your choice to me. I will take what ever you are prepared to give me. I do not have anything before 2000.

Thank you for reading me and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via PV email.

Again thank you