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Thread: Irina "perfect score" at GPF

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    Irina "perfect score" at GPF

    I read post earlier about how the 6.0s are gone forever and figure skating will never see a perfect score again. I think Cop system does have a perfect score. Hypothetically a skater gets a perfect pcs. If he or she is a balanced skater they will get an equally high score in the tes. That would end up being 300pts for the men(100 sp, 200fs) and 240 for the women(80 sp, 160fs). I believe Irina can get a perfect score in the short program. 46.5 tes 33.5 pcs +2s across the board what do you think?

    P.S. Its past midnight and I don't know why this keep swimming in my head.

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    They may give it to her at Russian Nationals, but I think they would more likely give it to Plushenko.


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    Actually, I think you can compute the point value of a perfect program. Let's see, start with two quad Axels in combination...

    No, but seriously, a pefect program would have four level four spins, two level four step sequences, all with +3 GOEs, plus as many jumps as the Zayak rules allow, along with perfect 10s in PCS.


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